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Update On EKS

Update On EKS

This is a post I’ve been trying to figure out how to write for sometime.

Eastern Kansas Sports has been many years in the making with MANY people involved through it’s stages and development.

EKS isn’t just one person.

It’s many who believed in the need for more coverage of student-athletes in our area especially those in smaller towns that saw coverage dwindle from traditional media. It’s many who contributed with scores, individual performances, team accomplishments, and more. It isn’t just the focus of student-athletes who are the biggest, fastest, most “next level” looks or a team most likely to win a championship. It’s all the stories.

It’s many who believed in this overall purpose.

While the social media side of coverage has seen tremendous contributions, the website side of things for EKS has been a one-man project for the most part. It is also the most time and energy consuming.

Some life-changes have occurred and unfortunately I haven’t been able to find someone to help with the work load that covering 170 schools and 20 leagues brings for the website.

So, to keep the coverage of our regions student athletes going while adjusting to these life-changes, EKS will focus more content on the social media platforms.

The site won’t shut down. We will still post stories, stat leaders, broadcasts links, and more on here, however, the sub-sites will no longer be updated.

I’m excited for the amount of contributors who will be sending in photos, stories, performances, and more. I think this will help continue the mission EKS has set out to achieve and continue to grow our online community.

There is something that is on the way that will better represent student-athletes in a website service in our region as well.

So I hope you’ll give our social media accounts a follow if you haven’t already for coverage of our student athlete’s in the upcoming season.

To all the sponsors who have helped off-set the costs of running this, thank you. To the student-writers who contributed their articles, thank you. To the people who made visiting the website a weekly visit, don’t forget to like and subscribe!


Zoel Lopez

Owner / Producer Eastern Kansas Sports

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