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2020-2021 Lyon County League All-League Basketball Selections

2020-2021 Lyon County League All-League Basketball Selections

Congratulations to the following student-athletes on their selections to the 2020-2021 Lyon County League All-League Selections.

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*Unanimous Selection

1st Team

Name                                                 School                               Year

*Jordan Barnard                                         Olpe                                       Sr.

Chase Harrison                                          Madison                                Sr.

*Devan McEwen                                         Lebo                                      Sr.

Lance Noonan                                            Burlingame                          Jr.

*Trever Quaney                                          Burlingame                          Jr.

2nd Team

Damian Foster                                            Waverly                                 Jr.

Derek Hoelting                                            Olpe                                       Jr.

Damon Redeker                                         Olpe                                       Jr.

Drew Stutesman                                         Madison                                Jr.

Ryan Wolgram                                            Madison                                Sr..

Honorable Mention

Andrew Bailey                                             Lebo                                      Sr..

Nathan Borntreger                                     SCC                                       Sr

Kelton Buettner                                          Madison                                Sr.

Landon Grimmett                                       Lebo                                      Soph.

Ali Smith                                                       Hartford                                Soph.


*Unanimous Selection

1st Team

Name                                                 School                                Year

Maya Bishop                                   Olpe                                       Sr.

*Marley Heins                                  Olpe                                       Sr.

Sara McWilliams                             Waverly                                 Sr.

*Macy Smith                                    Olpe                                       Sr

Daelyn Winters                               Burlingame                          Jr.

2nd Team

Macy Fairchild                                Waverly                                 Sr.

Hattie Fisher                                    Olpe                                       Sr.

Brooklyn Jones                              Lebo                                      Soph

Yolaine Luthi                                   Madison                                Soph

Kaylin Noonan                                Burlingame                          Fr.

Abby Peek                                       Lebo                                      Jr.

Audrey Peek                                    Lebo                                      Fr

Emmy Punches                              Burlingame                       Sr.

Honorable Mention

Kiernan Breshears                        Hartford                                Jr.

Josie Weers                                     SCC                                       Soph.

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