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Eastern Kansas Boys Basketball 2020-2021 Stat Leaders

Eastern Kansas Boys Basketball 2020-2021 Stat Leaders

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Eastern Kansas Sports covers 170 total schools, including 20 leagues. The season stats are for the regular season only and do not include post-season play.

Thank you to all the coaches, assistants, team managers, and AD’s who took time out to submit their team’s information.

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For the latest results, overall and league standings, and advanced stats for boys and girls high school basketball in eastern Kansas visit:

Eastern Kansas Boys Basketball Sub-Site

Eastern Kansas Girls Basketball Sub-Site

SCORING (minimum avg. 12 ppg)

Javon GrantSR29.35ASEK LeaguePittsburg
Will RauSR24.11A-IIKansas Christian Athletic AssociationVeritas Christian
Alston MasonSR21.96AEastern Kansas LeagueBlue Valley Northwest
Xavier HernandezSR20.44AAtchison LeagueAtchison
Maddox Decker SR203APioneer LeagueSanta Fe Trail
Devin LoudermilkSR19.92ASouth Central Border LeagueWest Elk
Dameion Hatten JR19.42ASouth Central Border LeagueSedan
Jordan BrownJR19.45AUnited Kansas LeagueBasehor-Linwood
Jack ChapmanSR19.26AEastern Kansas LeagueBlue Valley Northwest
Landon BossSO19.13AFlint Hills LeagueOsage City
Landon CarsonSR18.84APioneer LeagueIola
Josh MeigsSR18.71A-IIThree Rivers LeagueAltoona Midway
Mark MitchellJR18.64AEastern Kansas LeagueBishop Miege
Jake HarveySR18.52AThree Rivers LeagueUniontown
Emmitt JuenemanJR18.21A-IITwin Valley LeagueHanover
Easton EwingSO17.64ASEK LeagueIndependence
Cade BurdetteSO17.62AThree Rivers LeagueSoutheast
Owen BraxmeyerSR17.16ACentennial LeagueManhattan
Austin KingJR16.91A-ISouth Central Border LeagueUdall
Trever QuaneyJR16.81A-ILyon County LeagueBurlingame
Braden HenryJR16.51A-IITwin Valley LeagueWetmore
Noah McCulloughJR16.34AFrontier LeagueOttawa
Zach ClarkSR16.31A-ICair Paravel
Isaac Detweiler SO16.21A-IITwin Valley LeagueAxtell
Cameron Beardsley SR16.12ATwin Valley LeagueValley Heights
Ryan FeldkampJR162ANortheast Kansas LeagueJefferson County North
Noah HastertJR15.91A-ICair Paravel
Blake RuckerFR15.83ATri-Valley LeagueEureka
Andrew OrrSR15.76AEastern Kansas LeagueBlue Valley North
Gunnar FortSR15.73AFlint Hills LeagueOsage City
Kam KoesterJR15.64ASEK LeagueChanute
Josh BroxtermanSR15.53ABig 7 ConferenceJefferson West
Lance NoonanJR15.41A-ILyon County LeagueBurlingame
Taj ManningJR15.44AEastern Kansas LeagueBishop Miege
Josh RobbinsJR15.43APioneer LeaguePrairie View
Gavin CornelisonSR15.21A-ITwin Valley LeagueFrankfort
Kael McQueenSR15.21A-IITwin Valley LeagueWetmore
Sam SmithJR15.23APioneer LeagueBurlington
Kain LeisureJR152AThree Rivers LeagueJayhawk Linn
Sam SomerhalderJR14.85AEastern Kansas LeagueSt. James Academy
Wyatt LangeSR14.81A-ITwin Valley LeagueClifton Clyde
Will BartkoskiSR14.61A-IIKansas Christian Athletic AssociationVeritas Christian
Keller HurlaSO14.63AMid-East LeagueSt. Marys
Koen HulaJR14.33AFlint Hills LeagueConcil Grove
Will TownsendSR14.16ASunflower LeagueShawnee Mission East
Emmitt HillJR13.96ASunflower LeagueShawnee Mission East
Chris PursleySR13.83APioneer LeagueOsawatomie
Dylan WorrellSR13.71A-IWheat State LeagueRural Vista
Dayton LoganSR13.72AFlint Hills LeagueMission Valley
Garrett AthonSR13.73ABig 7 ConferenceJefferson West
Braden HeinsJR13.62AFlint Hills LeagueNorthern Heights
Kellen MarshallJR13.53AFlint Hills LeagueConcil Grove
Michael CahillSR13.55AEastern Kansas LeagueSt. James Academy
Kellen MarshallJR13.53AFlint Hills LeagueConcil Grove
Brody SmithSR13.53APioneer LeagueSanta Fe Trail
Trey BrownSR13.24ASEK LeagueFort Scott
Kernan BundyJR13.16AEastern Kansas LeagueBlue Valley North
Gabe Valentine SR13.13ATri-Valley LeagueEureka
Carter BergmanJR13.15AUnited Kansas LeagueBasehor-Linwood
Kolbran KorbelikSR132ANortheast Kansas LeagueMaur Hill-Mt. Academy
Jace ColtraneSR12.92AThree Rivers LeagueSoutheast
Trayton WalkerJR12.91A-IThree Rivers LeagueOswego
Owen EidmanSR12.62AFlint Hills LeagueChase County
Preston ReynoldsSR12.66ASunflower LeagueShawnee Mission East
Carter CoombsFR12.64ASEK LeagueChanute
Garrett AlmondSR12.64ASEK LeagueChanute
Harrison BraudisSR12.64AEastern Kansas LeagueBishop Miege
Austin Casper SR12.43ATri-Valley LeagueEureka
Brian PayerSR12.43APioneer LeagueBurlington
Erik SmithSR12.36ASunflower LeagueShawnee Mission South
Wesley YoungJR12.22ASouth Central Border LeagueWest Elk
Brett HamiltonSO12.23ACNC LeagueColumbus
Jesse GreenlySO12.24AAtchison LeagueAtchison
Connor WrightJR12.11A-IIThree Rivers LeagueChetopa
Ben FritzSR12.16AEastern Kansas LeagueBlue Valley Northwest
Christian Bowen-WebbJR12.14AEastern Kansas LeagueBishop Miege
Jacob JuenemanSR121A-IITwin Valley LeagueHanover
Blake HynekSR121A-IITwin Valley LeagueHanover
Landin MidgettSO123ACNC LeagueColumbus

REBOUNDS (minimum avg. 7 rpg)

Easton EwingSO12.94ASEK LeagueIndependence
Cameron CampuzanoSR12.31A-IWheat State LeagueRural Vista
Trever QuaneyJR11.31A-ILyon County LeagueBurlingame
Wesley YoungJR9.92ASouth Central Border LeagueWest Elk
Dakota PeaseSR9.81A-IIThree Rivers LeagueChetopa
Noah HastertJR9.81A-ICair Paravel
Xavier HernandezSR9.74AAtchison LeagueAtchison
Xavier CushinberrySR9.64AAtchison LeagueAtchison
Austin kingJR9.51A-ISouth Central Border LeagueUdall
Wyatt LangeSR9.21A-ITwin Valley LeagueClifton Clyde
Dameion Hatten JR9.22ASouth Central Border LeagueSedan
Koen HulaJR93AFlint Hills LeagueConcil Grove
Jacob JuenemanSR91A-IITwin Valley LeagueHanover
Koen HulaJR93AFlint Hills LeagueConcil Grove
Jacob JuenemanSR91A-IITwin Valley LeagueHanover
Clay SutterbySR8.72AThree Rivers LeagueUniontown
Will RauSR8.61A-IIKansas Christian Athletic AssociationVeritas Christian
Owen StrathmanSO8.51A-IITwin Valley LeagueAxtell
Dayton LoganSR8.42AFlint Hills LeagueMission Valley
Owen BraxmeyerSR8.36ACentennial LeagueManhattan
Landon BossSO8.33AFlint Hills LeagueOsage City
Tyler BoekenJR84APioneer LeagueIola
Braden HenryJR7.91A-IITwin Valley LeagueWetmore
Fred CriquiJR7.83AMid-East LeagueSt. Marys
Lance NoonanJR7.81A-ILyon County LeagueBurlingame
Andrew BrewerSR7.56ASunflower LeagueShawnee Mission South
Noah McCulloughJR7.54AFrontier LeagueOttawa
Hunter MindenSR7.53APioneer LeaguePrairie View
Charley CookSR7.31A-IIThree Rivers LeagueChetopa
Ben FritzSR7.26AEastern Kansas LeagueBlue Valley Northwest
Ben FritzSR7.26AEastern Kansas LeagueBlue Valley Northwest
Will TownsendSR7.16ASunflower LeagueShawnee Mission East
Isaac PattersonSR7.16AEastern Kansas LeagueBlue Valley North
Devin LoudermilkSR7.12ASouth Central Border LeagueWest Elk
Mark MitchellJR7.14AEastern Kansas LeagueBishop Miege
Owen EidmanSR72AFlint Hills LeagueChase County
Cameron JohanningSR72AThree Rivers LeagueJayhawk Linn
Andrew OrrSR76AEastern Kansas LeagueBlue Valley North
Isiah HolzSR73AMid-East LeagueSt. Marys
Taj ManningJR74AEastern Kansas LeagueBishop Miege

ASSISTS (minimum avg. 5 apg)

Tyler Duncan SR7.13APioneer LeagueSanta Fe Trail
Xavier CushinberrySR5.94AAtchison LeagueAtchison
Preston ReynoldsSR5.76ASunflower LeagueShawnee Mission East
Owen BraxmeyerSR5.56ACentennial LeagueManhattan
Dillon BycroftSR5.54APioneer LeagueIola
Nikko TaylorSR5.26AEastern Kansas LeagueBlue Valley North
Javon GrantSR55ASEK LeaguePittsburg

STEALS (minimum avg. 2 spg)

Will RauSR4.71A-IIKansas Christian Athletic AssociationVeritas Christian
Jackson ShowalterSR43APioneer LeagueWellsville
Kegan DimlerJR3.71A-IITwin Valley LeagueHanover
Emmitt JuenemanJR3.51A-IITwin Valley LeagueHanover
Emmitt JuenemanJR3.41A-IITwin Valley LeagueHanover
Jack AdamsSR3.44APioneer LeagueIola
Erik SmithSR3.36ASunflower LeagueShawnee Mission South
Chris PursleySR3.23APioneer LeagueOsawatomie
Dameion Hatten JR3.22ASouth Central Border LeagueSedan
Tyler Duncan SR33APioneer LeagueSanta Fe Trail
Landen WilsonJR2.92ATri-Valley LeagueBluestem
Preston ReynoldsSR2.96ASunflower LeagueShawnee Mission East
Caden DalinghausJR2.91A-ITwin Valley LeagueFrankfort
Austin casperSR2.93ATri-Valley LeagueEureka
Javon GrantSR2.95ASEK LeaguePittsburg
Blake HynekSR2.81A-IITwin Valley LeagueHanover
Jack WebbSR2.86ASunflower LeagueShawnee Mission South
Trenton L'EcuyerJR2.82ATwin Valley LeagueValley Heights
Blake HynekSR2.81A-IITwin Valley LeagueHanover
Noah HastertJR2.81A-ICair Paravel
Blaise HollowaySR2.72AFlint Hills LeagueChase County
Gavin CornelisonSR2.71A-ITwin Valley LeagueFrankfort
Jacob JuenemanSR2.71A-IITwin Valley LeagueHanover
Jim DorseyJR2.73APioneer LeagueWellsville
Jacob JuenemanSR2.71A-IITwin Valley LeagueHanover
Kaden O'NeilSR2.63APioneer LeagueWellsville
Easton RennSO2.62AThree Rivers LeagueSoutheast
Connor WrightJR2.51A-IIThree Rivers LeagueChetopa
Cameron Beardsley SR2.52ATwin Valley LeagueValley Heights
Jake HarveySR2.52AThree Rivers LeagueUniontown
Jake EmmonsJR2.42ATri-Valley LeagueBluestem
Nate ZoglemanSR2.41A-IWheat State LeagueGoessel
Kael McQueenSR2.41A-IITwin Valley LeagueWetmore
Trevor McBrideJR2.45AUnited Kansas LeagueBasehor-Linwood
Jake HiebertSR2.31A-IWheat State LeagueGoessel
Kaeden CarverSR2.33APioneer LeagueOsawatomie
Brody SmithSR2.33APioneer LeagueSanta Fe Trail
Ty AndersonJR2.33APioneer LeagueBurlington
Carter BergmanJR2.35AUnited Kansas LeagueBasehor-Linwood
Kain LeisureJR2.22AThree Rivers LeagueJayhawk Linn
Josh BroxtermanSR2.23ABig 7 ConferenceJefferson West
Maddox Decker SR2.13APioneer LeagueSanta Fe Trail
Noah McCulloughJR2.14AFrontier LeagueOttawa
Eli CampbellSR2.12ASouth Central Border LeagueSedan
Koen HulaJR23AFlint Hills LeagueConcil Grove
Shayden SullJR21A-IILyon County LeagueHartford
Owen BraxmeyerSR26ACentennial LeagueManhattan
Aiden RudolphSR21A-ITwin Valley LeagueClifton Clyde
Koen HulaJR23AFlint Hills LeagueConcil Grove
Ayden KearneySR23APioneer LeagueWellsville
Gunnar FortSR23AFlint Hills LeagueOsage City
Jace ColtraneSR22AThree Rivers LeagueSoutheast

BLOCKS (minimum avg. 2 bpg)

Cameron CampuzanoSR5.21A-IWheat State LeagueRural Vista
Jim DorseyJR2.73APioneer LeagueWellsville
Noah HastertJR2.71A-ICair Paravel
Easton EwingSO2.64ASEK LeagueIndependence
Austin kingJR2.61A-ISouth Central Border LeagueUdall
Trever QuaneyJR2.61A-ILyon County LeagueBurlingame
Fred CriquiJR2.53AMid-East LeagueSt. Marys
Wyatt LangeSR2.51A-ITwin Valley LeagueClifton Clyde
Xavier CushinberrySR2.24AAtchison LeagueAtchison

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