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“Sharpshooters”: Eastern Kansas Basketball 2/2/21 Scoring Performance Leaders

“Sharpshooters”: Eastern Kansas Basketball 2/2/21 Scoring Performance Leaders

Here are the leading points per game scoring leaders for the Eastern Kansas Sports coverage area for Tuesday night, February 2nd, 2021.

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Scoring leaders are submitted via e-mail, text message, and social media.

We cover 170 total schools, including 20 leagues.


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For the latest results, overall and league standings, and advanced stats for boys and girls high school basketball in eastern Kansas visit:

Eastern Kansas Boys Basketball Sub-Site

Eastern Kansas Girls Basketball Sub-Site


Braden Henry321ATwin Valley LeagueWetmore
Will Rau29Veritas Christian School
Ryan Feldkamp (Mon)282ANortheast Kansas LeagueJefferson County North
Aidan Eidman262AFlint Hills LeagueChase County
Jayden Garrison261AWheat State LeagueLittle River
Tariq Logan (Mon)264ASEK LeagueCoffeyville
Easton Ewing254ASEK LeagueIndependence
Kam Koester234ASEK LeagueChanute
Trever Quaney221ALyon County LeagueBurlingame
Gave Valentine223ATri-Valley LeagueEureka
Austin Casper223ATri-Valley LeagueEureka
Emmitt Jueneman211ATwin Valley LeagueHanover
Garrett Robison201ALyon County LeagueBurlingame
Trayton Walker201AThree Rivers LeagueOswego
Kobey Miller191AThree Rivers LeagueColony-Crest
Javon Grant195ASEK LeaguePittsburg
Dale Gillespie192AThree Rivers LeaguePleasanton
Dameion Hatten192ASouth Central Border LeagueSedan
Owen Eidman182AFlint Hills LeagueChase County
Jake Harvey182AThree Rivers LeagueUniontown
Sawyer173ATri-Valley LeagueCherryvale
Connor Wright171AThree Rivers LeagueChetopa
Anschutz171AWheat State LeagueHerington
Drew Wilhite172ATri-Valley LeagueHumboldt
Alec Vann171AWheat State LeagueWakefield
Alex Seifert161ATwin Valley LeagueClifton Clyde
Tyson Hermreck161AThree Rivers LeagueColony-Crest
Quincy Adams161AThree Rivers LeagueMarmaton Valley
Noah Hastert161ACrossroads LeagueCair Paravel
Avery Holle163AMid-East LeagueRiley County
C. Darrah151AWheat State LeagueCanton-Galva
Cadin Duggan151AThree Rivers LeagueChetopa
Jarik151ATwin Valley LeagueClifton Clyde
Mark Bogner152ATri-Valley LeagueErie
Eric Dillinger152ATri-Valley LeagueErie
Trey McCoy153ATri-Valley LeagueEureka
Purcell154ABig 7 ConferenceHolton
Broxterman153ABig 7 ConferenceJefferson West
Malakai Courtney155ASEK LeaguePittsburg
T. Struber141AWheat State LeagueCanton-Galva
Aiden Gerstner141ATwin Valley LeagueFrankfort
Lierz142ATwin Valley LeagueHorton
Athon143ABig 7 ConferenceJefferson West
Trey Rolfs141AWheat State LeagueLittle River
Cole Beardsley142ATwin Valley LeagueValley Heights
Jake Yungeberg142ATwin Valley LeagueValley Heights
Preston Hurst142AThree Rivers LeagueYates Center
Gavin Cornelison131ATwin Valley LeagueFrankfort
Lane Gilbreath132AFlint Hills LeagueChase County
Blake Rucker133ATri-Valley LeagueEureka
Jacob Jueneman131ATwin Valley LeagueHanover
Kain Leisure132AThree Rivers LeagueJayhawk Linn
Zach Clark131ACrossroads LeagueCair Paravel
Karn122ATwin Valley LeagueHorton
Trey Sommer122ATri-Valley LeagueHumboldt
Cam Johanning122AThree Rivers LeagueJayhawk Linn
Tony Gillespie122AThree Rivers LeaguePleasanton
Connor Holle123AMid-East LeagueRiley County
Karter Dugan122AThree Rivers LeagueNortheast
Layne Mayeske113ATri-Valley LeagueFredonia
Blake Hynek111ATwin Valley LeagueHanover
Dickey113ABig 7 ConferenceJefferson West
Braxton Lafferty111AWheat State LeagueLittle River
Cash Cummings112AThree Rivers LeagueYates Center
Lance Noonan101ALyon County LeagueBurlingame
K. Hooper103ATri-Valley LeagueCherryvale
Wright103ATri-Valley LeagueCherryvale
Braxton Lawson101ATwin Valley LeagueClifton Clyde
Drake Harrington102ATri-Valley LeagueHumboldt


Jadyn Troutman313APioneer LeagueWellsville
Mattilyn Cranor274ASEK LeagueChanute
Kaylin Noonan261ALyon County LeagueBurlingame
Amy Smith253ATri-Valley LeagueNeodesha
Kinsey Schneider (Mon)242ANortheast Kansas LeagueJefferson County North
Addison Schletzbaum232ANortheast Kansas LeagueAtchison County Community
Yolanie Luthi231ALyon County LeagueMadison
Ashley VanElders222ACrossroads LeagueKC Christian
Criqui222AFlint Hills LeagueLyndon
Emma Mitchell223AMid-East LeagueRossville
Maddy Alvord221ASouth Central Border LeagueFlinthills
Katy Harris224AAtchison LeagueAtchison
Saige Scott (Mon)213ATri-Valley LeagueCaney Valley
Olander201AWheat State LeagueLittle River
Natalie Jenkins203ATri-Valley LeagueFredonia
Kaley Boyce202AFlint Hills LeagueNorthern Heights
Avery Spencer192ACrossroads LeagueKC Christian
Brooklyn Jones191ALyon County LeagueLebo
Danielle Howard192AThree Rivers LeagueUniontown
Lauren Schutter192AMid-East LeagueWabaunsee
H. Serna193AFlint Hills LeagueOsage City
Katelynn Ostronic185AUnited Kansas ConferenceDe Soto
Emma Sabine182AThree Rivers LeaguePleasanton
Daelyn Winters171ALyon County LeagueBurlingame
Megan Deters172AFlint Hills LeagueMission Valley
D. kerns173AFlint Hills LeagueOsage City
Bethany Pearson163APioneer LeagueWellsville
M. Kruger163AMid-East LeagueSilver Lake
Morrigan Catlin153ATri-Valley LeagueCherryvale
Cat Toerber152ATwin Valley LeagueValley Heights
Mack Carson145AUnited Kansas ConferenceDe Soto
Gracie Rabe143AMid-East LeagueRossville
Cate Milroy141ALyon County LeagueSouthern Coffey County
Emily Long141ASouth Central Border LeagueBurden-Central
Tatiana Halupa142AFlint Hills LeagueMission Valley
Mariah Monroy133ATri-Valley LeagueCherryvale
Emma Nobert131ATwin Valley LeagueClifton Clyde
Maddie Kramer132ATri-Valley LeagueErie
Morgan Cook131ASouth Central Border LeagueBurden-Central
Sage Hawley133ATri-Valley LeagueFredonia
Emmy Punches121ALyon County LeagueBurlingame
Kori Babcock124ASEK LeagueChanute
Audrey Peek121ALyon County LeagueLebo
Lackey122ANortheast Kansas LeagueMcLouth
Courtney Stone123APioneer LeagueSanta Fe Trail
Emma Seidl121AWheat State LeagueSolomon
Emma Toerber122ATwin Valley LeagueValley Heights
T. Kirkpatrick123AFlint Hills LeagueOsage City
Aleah Wallisch112ANortheast Kansas LeagueAtchison County Community
Brali Conard111AThree Rivers LeagueChetopa
Mallory Callihan111ATwin Valley LeagueClifton Clyde
Ryleigh Brant112ATri-Valley LeagueErie
Holloway114APioneer LeagueIola
Tweed112ANortheast Kansas LeagueJefferson County North
Kylie Speer114ASEK LeagueCoffeyville
Morgan Collins112AThree Rivers LeagueYates Center
Gracie Schertz101AThree Rivers LeagueChetopa
Shea Wurtz101ATwin Valley LeagueClifton Clyde
Skylar Clevenger102ATri-Valley LeagueErie
Maggie Kauk104AFrontier LeaguePaola
Whitaker103APioneer LeagueSanta Fe Trail
Alli Frank105AUnited Kansas ConferenceSpring Hill

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