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“Sharpshooters”: Eastern Kansas Basketball 1/26/21 Scoring Performance Leaders

“Sharpshooters”: Eastern Kansas Basketball 1/26/21 Scoring Performance Leaders

Here are the leading points per game scoring leaders for the Eastern Kansas Sports coverage area for Tuesday night, January 26th, 2021.

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Scoring leaders are submitted via e-mail, text message, and social media.

We cover 170 total schools, including 20 leagues.


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For the latest results, overall and league standings, and advanced stats for boys and girls high school basketball in eastern Kansas visit:

Eastern Kansas Boys Basketball Sub-Site

Eastern Kansas Girls Basketball Sub-Site


Jace Coltrane392AThree Rivers LeagueSoutheast
Tariq Logan (Mon)304ASEK LeagueCoffeyville
Maddox Decker273APioneer LeagueSanta Fe Trail
CJ Powell275ACentennial LeagueTopeka Highland Park
Jalen VanBecelaere252ACNC LeagueSt. Mary's Colgan
Mark Bogner242ATri-Valley LeagueErie
Trey Sommer242ATri-Valley LeagueHumboldt
Jordan Brown235AUnited Kansas ConferenceBasehor-Linwood
Cole Criss231ASouth Central Border LeagueCedar Vale/Dexter
Landon Bennett233ATri-Valley LeagueCherryvale
Tyler Duncan233APioneer LeagueSanta Fe Trail
Dale Gillespie (Mon)232AThree Rivers LeaguePleasanton
Dale Gillespie232AThree Rivers LeaguePleasanton
Antonio Robinson223AIndependentBishop Ward
Mayo226ASunflower LeagueLawrence
Josh Meigs211AThree Rivers LeagueAltoona Midway
Carsen214APioneer LeagueIola
Chapman216AEastern Kansas LeagueBlue Valley Northwest
Marque Wilkerson215ACentennial LeagueTopeka West
Carter Bergman205AUnited Kansas ConferenceBasehor-Linwood
Lorenzo Hernandez203AIndependentBishop Ward
Logan Mclain201ASouth Central Border LeagueOxford
Sean Hurst192AThree Rivers LeagueYates Center
Noah Hastert191ACrossroads LeagueCair Paravel
Mason196AEastern Kansas LeagueBlue Valley Northwest
Payer (Mon)183APioneer LeagueBurlington
Eric Dillinger182ATri-Valley LeagueErie
Easton Ewing184ASEK LeagueIndependence
Keaton Dickens182ASouth Central Border LeagueSedan
Lance Noonan171ALyon County LeagueBurlingame
Smith (Mon)163APioneer LeagueBurlington
Smith163APioneer LeagueBurlington
Kaehl Smith163ATri-Valley LeagueCaney Valley
Layne Mayeske163ATri-Valley LeagueFredonia
Paige164ASEK LeagueIndependence
Brody Smith163APioneer LeagueSanta Fe Trail
Dameion Hatten162ASouth Central Border LeagueSedan
Owen Eidman152AFlint Hills LeagueChase County
Quincy Adams151AThree Rivers LeagueMarmaton Valley
Alec Vann151AWheat State LeagueWakefield
Easton Renn152AThree Rivers LeagueSoutheast
Anderson141ASouth Central Border LeagueCedar Vale/Dexter
Connor Wright141AThree Rivers LeagueChetopa
Eli Hestand144ASEK LeagueLabette County
Ethan Prasko141AThree Rivers LeagueColony-Crest
Juan'Tario Roberts145ACentennial LeagueTopeka Highland Park
Clark131ASouth Central Border LeagueCedar Vale/Dexter
Matthew Kuglin132ANortheast Kansas LeagueMcLouth
Clay Sutterby132AThree Rivers LeagueUniontown
Rocky Hanks132ASouth Central Border LeagueWest Elk
Cade Burdette132AThree Rivers LeagueSoutheast
Trever Quaney121ALyon County LeagueBurlingame
Kuhlmann (Mon)123APioneer LeagueBurlington
Anderson121ASouth Central Border LeagueCedar Vale/Dexter
Kain Leisure122AThree Rivers LeagueJayhawk Linn
Cade Goodridge122AThree Rivers LeagueUniontown
Preston Hurst122AThree Rivers LeagueYates Center
Stubblefield126AEastern Kansas LeagueBlue Valley Northwest
Ty Hentry125ACentennial LeagueTopeka Seaman
Ty Hofer115AUnited Kansas ConferenceBasehor-Linwood
Aidan Eidman112AFlint Hills LeagueChase County
Dakota Pease111AThree Rivers LeagueChetopa
Tyson Hermreck111AThree Rivers LeagueColony-Crest
Kobey Miller111AThree Rivers LeagueColony-Crest
Ian Houchin113ATri-Valley LeagueFredonia
John Milligan113ATri-Valley LeagueFredonia
Gus Grote112AThree Rivers LeagueJayhawk Linn
Alex Meister114ASEK LeagueLabette County
Caden Crawford115AUnited Kansas ConferenceLansing
Hayden Ruyle111ASouth Central Border LeagueOxford
Blake Buessing113APioneer LeagueSanta Fe Trail
Kaleb Pittman112ACrossroads LeagueHeritage Christian Academy
Mateo Hyman115ACentennial LeagueTopeka Seaman
Jalen Pickens103AIndependentBishop Ward
Sloyer103APioneer LeagueBurlington
Jace Scott103ATri-Valley LeagueCaney Valley
Ridic Martin103ATri-Valley LeagueCaney Valley
Blaise Holloway102AFlint Hills LeagueChase County
John Dutton103ATri-Valley LeagueFredonia
Bycroft104APioneer LeagueIola
Jake Jackson105AUnited Kansas ConferenceLansing
Joren Remington105AUnited Kansas ConferenceLansing
Peyton Basler105AUnited Kansas ConferenceLansing
Jake Harvey102AThree Rivers LeagueUniontown
Micah Kobuszewski105ACentennial LeagueTopeka Seaman


Abby Veile (Mon)354ASEK LeagueIndependence
Deters272AFlint Hills LeagueMission Valley
Harlee Young253APioneer LeagueBurlington
Yolaine Luthi241ALyon County LeagueMadison
Mahpiya Irving233ABig 7 ConferenceRoyal Valley
Kori Babcock224ASEK LeagueChanute
Jordan Mynsted224AFrontier LeagueLouisburg
Danielle Howard222AThree Rivers LeagueUniontown
Molly McClendon222ASouth Central Border LeagueWest Elk
Avery Spencer222ACrossroads LeagueKC Christian
Mariah Monroy203ATri-Valley LeagueCherryvale
Holloran201AThree Rivers LeagueColony-Crest
Alli Frank205AUnited Kansas ConferenceSpring Hill
Adyson Peck194ASEK LeagueCoffeyville
Grace Gehl193AMid-East LeagueRock Creek
Karleigh Schoenberger192AThree Rivers LeagueUniontown
Caydence Doeble183APioneer LeagueBurlington
Brali Conard181AThree Rivers LeagueChetopa
Kate Ediger184AFrontier LeaguePaola
Hammond171AThree Rivers LeagueColony-Crest
Dyllan Kemper173ATri-Valley LeagueNeodesha
Marley Heins171ALyon County LeagueOlpe
Jenna Harvey164AFrontier LeagueBaldwin
Adell Gore165AUnited Kansas ConferenceBasehor-Linwood
Maddie Kramer162ATri-Valley LeagueErie
Nation162AThree Rivers LeagueJayhawk Linn
Caitlin Bishop165AUnited Kansas ConferenceLansing
Fox162AThree Rivers LeagueNortheast
Sigman162AThree Rivers LeagueNortheast
T. Kirkpatrick163AFlint Hills LeagueOsage City
Courtney Stone163APioneer LeagueSanta Fe Trail
Grampas166ASunflower LeagueShawnee Mission Northwest
Mackewiecz166ASunflower LeagueShawnee Mission Northwest
Morgan Brusven164AFrontier LeagueTonganoxie
Katy Harris154AAtchison LeagueAtchison
Isabel Sibert155AUnited Kansas ConferenceBasehor-Linwood
Megan Giffin151ALyon County LeagueBurlingame
Lexi DeWeese153AMid-East LeagueRock Creek
Bryan153ABig 7 ConferenceRoyal Valley
Addison Penegar145AUnited Kansas ConferenceBasehor-Linwood
Kyleigh Flores144ASEK LeagueCoffeyville
Skylar Clevenger142ATri-Valley LeagueErie
Mellany Roenne143ABig 7 ConferenceJefferson West
Kristin Biltoft143ABig 7 ConferenceJefferson West
Brooklyn Jones141ALyon County LeagueLebo
Taryn Ganstrom143ABig 7 ConferenceNemaha Central
H. Serna143AFlint Hills LeagueOsage City
Raegan Seba144AFrontier LeagueTonganoxie
Emma Mitchell143AMid-East LeagueRossville
Madilyn Melton134AFrontier LeagueLouisburg
Sarah Miser131ALyon County LeagueMadison
Emma Sabine132AThree Rivers LeaguePleasanton
Bailey Myrick132AThree Rivers LeaguePleasanton
Traci Powers132AThree Rivers LeagueSoutheast
Morgan Collins132AThree Rivers LeagueYates Center
Brooke Lewis121ALyon County LeagueBurlingame
Amy Smith123ATri-Valley LeagueNeodesha
Taylor126ASunflower LeagueShawnee Mission Northwest
M. Kruger123AMid-East LeagueSilver Lake
Patch124ABig 7 ConferenceHolton
Maya Bishop121ALyon County LeagueOlpe
Kinley Porter123AMid-East LeagueRossville
Umphenour112AThree Rivers LeagueJayhawk Linn
Audrey Peek111ALyon County LeagueLebo
Hannah Macke113ABig 7 ConferenceNemaha Central
Cassidy Corby113ABig 7 ConferenceNemaha Central
Chaynee Johnson113ATri-Valley LeagueNeodesha
Mattie Haynes112AThree Rivers LeagueSoutheast
Emma Sunderland114AFrontier LeagueTonganoxie
Hattie Baldock114AFrontier LeagueTonganoxie
Jadyn Troutman113APioneer LeagueWellsville
Emmy Punches101ALyon County LeagueBurlingame
Morrigan Catlin103ATri-Valley LeagueCherryvale
Tayler Beard101AThree Rivers LeagueChetopa
Kylie Speer104ASEK LeagueCoffeyville
Teagan Titus104ASEK LeagueCoffeyville
Reese Farrow101ALyon County LeagueMadison
Lackey102ANortheast Kansas LeagueMcLouth
Meredith Todd105AUnited Kansas ConferenceSpring Hill
Sammie Hampton102AThree Rivers LeagueUniontown
Meredith Veer102ACrossroads LeagueKC Christian
Tanking104ABig 7 ConferenceHolton
Jenna Smith101ALyon County LeagueOlpe
Briar Gillum103AMid-East LeagueRossville

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