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“Sharpshooters”: Eastern Kansas Basketball Scoring Leaders 1/12

“Sharpshooters”: Eastern Kansas Basketball Scoring Leaders 1/12

Here are the leading scoring performances for the Eastern Kansas Sports coverage area for January 12th, 2021.

Scoring leaders are submitted via e-mail, text message, and social media.

We cover 170 total schools, including 20 leagues.

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COACHES – you can submit your team’s stats to .

For the latest results, overall and league standings, and advanced stats for boys and girls high school basketball in eastern Kansas visit:

Eastern Kansas Boys Basketball Sub-Site

Eastern Kansas Girls Basketball Sub-Site


Landon Bennett (Mon)373ATri-Valley LeagueCherryvale
Jayden Garrison351AWheat State LeagueLittle River
Eric Dillinger332ATri-Valley LeagueErie
Javon Grant285ASEK LeaguePittsburg
Dameion Hatten282ASouth Central Border LeagueSedan
Tariq Logan284ASEK LeagueCoffeyville
DaRon Davis273ATri-Valley LeagueCaney Valley
Connor Wright241AThree Rivers LeagueChetopa
Quincy Adam241AThree Rivers LeagueMarmaton Valley
Devin Loudermilk242ASouth Central Border LeagueWest Elk
Garrett Almond231ATwin Valley LeagueCentralia
Charles Snyder235ACentennial LeagueEmporia
Trayton Walker221AThree Rivers LeagueOswego
Kael McQueen221ATwin Valley LeagueWetmore
Trey Rolfs211AWheat State LeagueLittle River
Landon O'hare211A--Lincoln
D. Worrel211AWheat State LeagueRural Vista
Payer203APioneer LeagueBurlington
Layne Mayeske203ATri-Valley LeagueFredonia
Brayton Lind201ALyon County LeagueSouthern Coffey County
Owen Evans202ACrossroads LeagueHeritage Christian Academy
Gavin Pytlowany194ASEK LeagueFort Scott
Kaleb Pittman192ACrossroads LeagueHeritage Christian Academy
Trey Sommer182ATri-Valley LeagueHumboldt
Kain Lesure182AThree Rivers LeagueJayhawk Linn
Wahwassuck183ABig 7 ConferenceRoyal Valley
Jalen Smith186ACentennial LeagueTopeka
Rogers183AFlint Hills LeagueWest Franklin
Jace Scott173ATri-Valley LeagueCaney Valley
Broxterman173ABig 7 ConferenceJefferson West
Kyler Wommack171ATwin Valley LeagueWetmore
Noah Hastert172ACrossroads LeagueCair Paravel
Drew Van Dyke172ACrossroads LeagueKC Christian
C. Rutschman171AWheat State LeagueHerington
Trever Quaney161ALyon County LeagueBurlingame
Clay Sutterby162AThree Rivers LeagueUniontown
Lance Noonan151ALyon County LeagueBurlingame
Mark Bogner152ATri-Valley LeagueErie
Dawson Lehman152ATri-Valley LeagueErie
Cam Johanning152AThree Rivers LeagueJayhawk Linn
Chase Harrison151ALyon County LeagueMadison
J. Campbell152AFlint Hills LeagueNorthern Heights
Chris Pursley153APioneer LeagueOsawatomie
Sean Hurst152AThree Rivers LeagueYates Center
Blake Hekman152ACrossroads LeagueHeritage Christian Academy
Jackson Ashmore141AThree Rivers LeagueAltoona Midway
Jack Billingsley143ATri-Valley LeagueCaney Valley
Talley144ASEK LeagueChanute
Noll145AUnited Kansas ConferenceDe Soto
Trent Spiker141ATwin Valley LeagueDoniphan West
Drew Wilhite142ATri-Valley LeagueHumboldt
B. Heins142AFlint Hills LeagueNorthern Heights
Romeo Smith143APioneer LeagueOsawatomie
Lance Teal141AThree Rivers LeagueOswego
Haiden McCoy145ASEK LeaguePittsburg
Luke Perry142AThree Rivers LeagueUniontown
Meehan141ALyon County LeagueWaverly
Foster141ALyon County LeagueWaverly
Wesley Young142ASouth Central Border LeagueWest Elk
Martinez143AFlint Hills LeagueWest Franklin
Trey Borwn134ASEK LeagueFort Scott
Athon133ABig 7 ConferenceJefferson West
Kelton Buettner131ALyon County LeagueMadison
Loyer123APioneer LeagueBurlington
Dakota Pease121AThree Rivers LeagueChetopa
Rylan Konen121AWheat State LeagueLittle River
Wyatt Lingenfelter121ALyon County LeagueMarais des Cygnes Valley
K. Massey122AFlint Hills LeagueNorthern Heights
J. Baridard121ALyon County LeagueOlpe
Fischer123AFlint Hills LeagueWest Franklin
Alex Knernschield122ACrossroads LeagueKC Christian
Wyatt Evans122ACrossroads LeagueHeritage Christian Academy
C. Jackson121AWheat State LeagueHerington
Smith113APioneer LeagueBurlington
Cadin Duggan111AThree Rivers LeagueChetopa
Priddy115AUnited Kansas ConferenceDe Soto
Henderson115AUnited Kansas ConferenceDe Soto
Emmitt Jueneman111ATwin Valley LeagueHanover
Jacob Jueneman111ATwin Valley LeagueHanover
Drake Harrington112ATri-Valley LeagueHumboldt
Braxton Lafferty111AWheat State LeagueLittle River
K. Ryberg112AFlint Hills LeagueNorthern Heights
Nicholas Ison112ACNC LeagueSt. Mary's Colgan
Stuart O'Brien112ACNC LeagueSt. Mary's Colgan
Lafe Blevins101ATwin Valley LeagueDoniphan West
Sull101ALyon County LeagueHartford
Hunter Engle101ALyon County LeagueMadison
Dawson Troth102AThree Rivers LeagueNortheast
D. Redeker101ALyon County LeagueOlpe
Thomas103ABig 7 ConferenceRoyal Valley
Skillman101ALyon County LeagueWaverly
A. Brown101AWheat State LeagueRural Vista


Emajin McCallie304AEastern Kansas LeagueBishop Miege
Mahpiya Irving253ABig 7 ConferenceRoyal Valley
Dani Kerns243AFlint Hills LeagueOsage City
Brooklyn Jones241ALyon County LeagueLebo
Janae Granere231AThree Rivers LeagueMarmaton Valley
Maddie Kramer202ATri-Valley LeagueErie
Kaylin Noonan201ALyon County LeagueBurlingame
Gracie Gilpin205ACentennial LeagueEmporia
Rebecca Snyder195ACentennial LeagueEmporia
Liz Armstrong193AFlint Hills LeagueConcil Grove
Caitlin Bishop195AUnited Kansas ConferenceLansing
Skylar Clevenger172ATri-Valley LeagueErie
Natalie Jenkins173ATri-Valley LeagueFredonia
Melton174AFrontier LeagueLouisburg
Sarah Miser161ALyon County LeagueMadison
Katie Schmit163APioneer LeagueAnderson County
Cali Foltz163APioneer LeagueAnderson County
Ostronic155AUnited Kansas ConferenceDe Soto
Karleigh Schoenberger152AThree Rivers LeagueUniontown
Audrey Peek151ALyon County LeagueLebo
Allie Burns154AEastern Kansas LeagueBishop Miege
Seidl141AWheat State LeagueSolomon
Rayna Jasper143APioneer LeagueAnderson County
Morgan Brusven144AFrontier LeagueTonganoxie
Molly McClendon142ASouth Central Border LeagueWest Elk
Megan Giffin141ALyon County LeagueBurlingame
Lauren Torrance142ACNC LeagueSt. Mary's Colgan
Emmy Punches141ALyon County LeagueBurlingame
Kennedy Bryan133ABig 7 ConferenceRoyal Valley
H. Serna133AFlint Hills LeagueOsage City
A. Deters131ATwin Valley LeagueCentralia
Payton Verhulst134AEastern Kansas LeagueBishop Miege
Foote124AFrontier LeagueLouisburg
Danielle Howard122AThree Rivers LeagueUniontown
Sammie Hampton112AThree Rivers LeagueUniontown
Saige Scott113ATri-Valley LeagueCaney Valley
MacKenzie Manthe115AUnited Kansas ConferenceLansing
E. Toerber112ATwin Valley LeagueValley Heights
Clevenger111ATwin Valley LeagueDoniphan West
Waite105AUnited Kansas ConferenceDe Soto
R. Becker101ATwin Valley LeagueCentralia
Martin102AFlint Hills LeagueMission Valley
M. Vermetlen102ATwin Valley LeagueValley Heights
Ledet101AWheat State LeagueSolomon
Landrea Sears102ASouth Central Border LeagueSedan
L. Haverkamp101ATwin Valley LeagueCentralia
Jaycee Cummings102ASouth Central Border LeagueSedan
Deters102AFlint Hills LeagueMission Valley

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