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2020 All-District 8-Man II District 2 Honors Announced

2020 All-District 8-Man II District 2 Honors Announced

Congratulations to the following student-athletes on their recognition for “All-District” 8-Man II District 2 honors.

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1st Team Offense

QB – Devon McEwen, Lebo

RB- Shayden Sull, Hartford

RB – Kyle Reese, Lebo

OL – Andy Andrews, Hartford

OL – Caleb Fehr, Lebo

OL – Kristian Trujillo, Hartford

TE/WR – Wyatt Lingenfelter, MDCV

TE/WR – Tanner Highley, Hartford

Returner – Kyle Reese, Lebo

Kicker – Kyle Reese, Lebo

1st Team Defense

DT – Andrew Bailey, Lebo

DT – Colten Drake, Wakefield

DE – Jerome Ferguson, Lebo

DE – Konner Murphy, Wakefield

LB – Kyle Reese, Lebo

LB – Trent Schroeder, Hartford

LB – Lane Methvin, Centre

CB – Shayden Sull, Hartford

CB – Wyatt Lingerfelter, MDCV

Punter – Kyle Reese, Lebo

2nd Team Offense

QB -Cole Lacey, MDCV

RB – Darrel Worrell, Rural Vista

RB – Trevor Uken, Wakefield

OL – Tyler Stuck, Hartford

OL – Chisolm Woodson, MDCV

TE/WR – Jerome Ferguson, Lebo

TE/WR – Luke Davies, Lebo

Returner – Tanner Highley, Hartford

2nd Team Defense

DT -Aiden Goodman, Hartford

DE – Ketih Kinzle, Hartford

DE – Chisolm Wooson, MDCV

LB – Cameron Campuzano, Rural Vista

CB –  Devon McEwen, Lebo

CB – Luke Davies, Lebo

Honorable Mention Offense

QB – Ali Smith, Hartford

TE/WR – Andrew McDiffett, Hartford

TE/WR – Cameron Campuzano, Rural Vista

Honorable Mention Defense

DT – Austin Bailey, Lebo

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