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WATCH LIVE: KSHSAA Board of Directors Listen To Arguments For “No Spectators” Appeal

WATCH LIVE: KSHSAA Board of Directors Listen To Arguments For “No Spectators” Appeal

The Kansas High School Activities Association will hear arguments to appeal the Board of Directors decision to allow no spectators to high school and middle school activities until late January 2021 made on November 24th, 2020.

Here is the Appeal Board Meeting Format, released by KSHSAA:

  1. Opening statement by chairperson
  2. Announce proceedings will be taped
  3. Establish if the hearing is to be an open or closed hearing if requested by appellant, per KSA
    72-134, sub-section (d)
  4. Self introduction by Board Members and Determine spokespersons for both parties
  5. Self introductions by spokesperson(s) of each party
  6. Presentation of information by the parties:
    a) Thirty minutes allotted to appellant (if more than two parties are involved, appellant is
    always first and KSHSAA last for opening statements.)
    b) Thirty minutes allotted to KSHSAA representatives
    c) Opportunity for Appeal Board members to ask questions of each other or participants in
    the hearing. (No cross-examination will be allowed between appellant and KSHSAA. All
    remarks are to be directed to the Board.)
    d) Five-minute final statement by KSHSAA representatives
    e) Five-minute final statement by appellant
  7. Conclude presentations
  8. Deliberation by Appeal Board
  9. Determine decision (the same day or no later than five days from date of hearing)
    *Note – (It is highly recommended a decision be reached in the presence of the participants.)
    (All motions and votes occur in open session.)
    a) Decision shall be typed by the KSHSAA staff
    b) Decision shall be signed by all Appeal Board members who are present for meeting
  10. A written decision shall be sent to all concerned
    NOTE: An Appeal Board member shall not be involved in commentary relative to the
    issues, either prior to or following the hearing. It is felt neutrality and fairness to all
    concerned can be best achieved by not becoming involved in a dialogue or
    attempting to justify any decision that may or has already been made.

The full format can be found by clicking here.

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The meeting is scheduled for Friday, December 4th, 2020 at 1 PM. You can watch via the video player below:

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