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Girls Wrestling: Every returning state medalist in the East.

Name, School, Final Record, Grade (last year), Place

5 defending champs return and all 5 are nationally ranked wrestlers. Washburn-Rural leads the way with 3 returning medalists.

101 Pounds

Chloe Gile (Altamont-Labette County Hs) 20-9, So, 5th

109 Pounds

Alexis Allen (Independence Hs) 30-0, Jr, 1st, Nationally ranked 25th by USA Wrestling

116 Pounds

Kailyn Younger (Paola Hs) 27-13, So, 2nd
Amelie Jungwirth (Tecumseh-Shawnee Heights Hs) 32-5, Jr, 4th
Olivia O`Donnell (Basehor-Linwood Hs) 31-10, Jr, 6th

123 Pounds

Jordyn Knecht (Paola Hs) 30-0, Jr, 1st, Nationally Ranked 7th by USA Wrestling
Elise Rose (Marysville) 17-1, Jr, 2nd
Hannah Glynn (OP-Blue Valley SW Hs) 28-5, So, 4th

130 Pounds

Madyson Gray (Lawrence Free State Hs) 34-0, So, 1st, Nationally Ranked 9th by USA Wrestling
Brianna Randles (Topeka-West Hs) 26-3, So, 2nd

136 Pounds

Sara Lake (KC-Piper Hs) 27-0, Jr, 1st, Nationally Ranked 25th by USA Wrestling
Gianna Culbert (Burlingame Hs) 31-3, Jr, 3rd
Maya Ogdan (Hoyt-Royal Valley Hs) 18-6, Jr, 6th

143 Pounds

Olivia Crutchley (Leavenworth Hs) 33-5, So, 4th

155 Pounds

Darby Weidl (Ottawa Hs) 32-2, Jr, 2nd
Copenhagen Browning (LaCygne-Prairie View Hs) 27-10, Jr, 6th

170 Pounds

Rebekah Smith (Topeka-Washburn Rural Hs) 28-3, Jr, 3rd
Mandy Wilson (Basehor-Linwood Hs) 23-10, So, 4th

191 Pounds

Hannah Jackson (Leavenworth Hs) 28-6, Fr, 2nd
Jaliah Johnson (Topeka-Washburn Rural Hs) 23-6, So, 3rd
Holly Colvert (Tonganoxie Hs) 29-9, Fr, 4th
Tannah Forbes (Effingham-ACCHS) 8-7, Jr, 5th
Alicia Martin (Olathe-North Hs) 22-4, Jr, 6th

235 Pounds

Dajia Anderson (Topeka-Washburn Rural Hs) 29-1, Jr, 1st, Nationally Ranked 15th by USA Wrestling
Makayla Rivera (Olathe-West Hs) 19-2, Fr, 2nd

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