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2020 United Kansas Conference Football All-Conference Honors Announced

2020 United Kansas Conference Football All-Conference Honors Announced

Congratulations to the following student-athletes on their recognition for “All-League” honors for the CNC League.

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Offensive Player of the Year: Jackson Miller, Quarterback – De Soto

Defensive Player of the Year: Austin rosetta, Defensive Back – De Soto

Coach of the Year: Brian King, De Soto

1st Team Offense

Levi CooleySophomoreBasehor-LinwoodOffensive Line
Zack SisemoreJuniorBasehor-LinwoodRunning Back
Chants NelsonJuniorBasehor-LinwoodTight End
Jordan BrownJuniorBasehor-LinwoodWide Receiver
Blaine ChurchSeniorDe SotoOffensive Line
Easton DubbertSeniorDe SotoOffensive Line
Jackson MillerSeniorDe SotoQuarterback
Austin TaborSeniorDe SotoTight End
Drew FrenchSeniorLansingOffensive Line
Malik BensonSeniorLansingWide Receiver
Alijandro GrieseSeniorLeavenworthOffensive Line
Keenan BrownSeniorLeavenworthRunning Back
Hunter WohlerSeniorShawnee HeightsAll Purpose

1st Team Defense

Adam PetersonJuniorBasehor-LinwoodDefensive Back
Dalton HarrisJuniorBasehor-LinwoodDefensive Lineman
Aidan IngramJuniorBasehor-LinwoodLinebacker
Austin RosettaSeniorDe SotoDefensive Back
Zach WillisSeniorDe SotoDefensive Back
Josh DunnJuniorDe SotoDefensive Lineman
Zach WhiteJuniorDe SotoDefensive Lineman
Gavin WilliamsSeniorDe SotoLinebacker
Jake JacksonSeniorLansingDefensive Back
Caden CrawfordJuniorLansingLinebacker
Dylan WardSeniorLansingLinebacker
Ziwaun WhiteSeniorShawnee HeightsDefensive Lineman

1st Team Special Teams

Will AyersSeniorLeavenworthKicker
Manuel SalamancaSeniorShawnee HeightsPunter

2nd Team Offense

Sawyer DelanaSeniorBasehor-LinwoodOffensive Line
Isaac StantonSeniorBasehor-LinwoodQuarterback
Russell CoySeniorDe SotoAll Purpose
Austin MillsJuniorDe SotoOffensive Line
Carson ZitlowSeniorDe SotoOffensive Line
Tyson PriddySeniorDe SotoRunning Back
Hayden HendersonSeniorDe SotoWide Receiver
Jack KnutsonSeniorLansingRunning Back
Justin PettisSeniorLeavenworthOffensive Line
Orrin BusenitzJuniorShawnee HeightsOffensive Line
Brent ShowlaterSeniorShawnee HeightsWide Receiver

2nd Team Defense

Drake CourtneyJuniorBasehor-LinwoodDefensive Lineman
Anthony OnstottSeniorBasehor-LinwoodLinebacker
Zach SwitzerSeniorDe SotoDefensive Back
Calvin SholeyJuniorLansingDefensive Lineman
Nathan WaughSeniorLeavenworthDefensive Back
Santiago McLaughlinSeniorLeavenworthDefensive Back
Keaton ComerSeniorLeavenworthLinebacker
Trenton HarperJuniorLeavenworthLinebacker
Jacob MyersSeniorShawnee HeightsDefensive Back
Caleb AppelSeniorShawnee HeightsDefensive Lineman
Matthew EtzelJuniorShawnee HeightsDefensive Lineman
Ja’Laveyn JanuaryJuniorShawnee HeightsLinebacker

2nd Team Special Teams

Luke Van BoovenJuniorDe SotoKicker
Hayden HendersonSeniorDe SotoPunter

Honorable Mention Offense

Zane KincaidSeniorBasehor-LinwoodOffensive Line
Wyatt InnisSeniorDe SotoOffensive Line
Tyler SchultzeJuniorDe SotoRunning Back
Ethan SchultzeJuniorDe SotoWide Receiver
Andru GnuthakeSeniorLansingOffensive Line
Caden CrawfordJuniorLansingQuarterback
Eddie McLaughlinSophomoreLeavenworthQuarterback
Garrett PeeryJuniorShawnee HeightsOffensive Line
Jacob WhightsilSeniorShawnee HeightsOffensive Line
Jarin SandersJuniorShawnee HeightsRunning Back
Tyzhaun ColeJuniorTurnerRunning Back

Honorable Mention Defense

Trenton BahrSeniorBasehor-LinwoodDefensive Back
Sam HicksJuniorBasehor-LinwoodLinebacker
Garrett KellnerSeniorDe SotoLinebacker
Jackson MoccaSeniorDe SotoLinebacker
Jackson NhotharackSeniorDe SotoLinebacker
Willie GeorgeJuniorLeavenworthDefensive Back
Callan CarverJuniorShawnee HeightsDefensive Back
Marcus JonesJuniorShawnee HeightsDefensive Back
Rusty UlleryJuniorShawnee HeightsLinebacker

Honorable Mention Special Teams

Manuel Salamanca                     Senior         Shawnee Heights    Kicker

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