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“Beasts of the East”: Eastern Kansas Football 2020 Week 9 Stat Leaders

“Beasts of the East”: Eastern Kansas Football 2020 Week 9 Stat Leaders

Here are the 2020 week 9 offensive and defensive playoff performance stat leaders for the Eastern Kansas Sports coverage area of the Kansas high school football. We cover 166 total schools, including 19 leagues.

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These tables include the leaders in the stat category listed below. That stat information is obtained from boxscores and/or sent to us from the team’s coach.


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Passing Yards (minimum 100 yards)

Isaac Stanton3154AUnited Kansas ConferenceBasehor-Linwood
Carter Brian2408M-IIndependentCair Paravel
Isaac Deteweiler2378M-IITwin Valley LeagueAxtell
Connor Holle1743AMid-East LeagueRiley County
Landon Boss1582AFlint Hills LeagueOsage City
Johnny Holloway1493ACentennial LeagueTopeka-Hayden
Casey Helm1208M-ILyon County LeagueMadison
Jake Wright1162ACNC LeagueSt. Mary's Colgan

Passing Touchdowns (minimum 2)

Carter Brian48M-IIndependentCair Paravel
Isaac Stanton34AUnited Kansas ConferenceBasehor-Linwood
Casey Helm38M-ILyon County LeagueMadison
Landon Boss32AFlint Hills LeagueOsage City
Isaac Deteweiler28M-IITwin Valley LeagueAxtell
Mitch Budke28M-IFlint Hills LeagueChase County
Ali Smith28M-IILyon County LeagueHartford
Devan McEwen28M-IILyon County LeagueLebo
Darian Massey21AFlint Hills LeagueLyndon
Connor Holle23AMid-East LeagueRiley County
Torrey Horak22AMid-East LeagueRossville
Johnny Holloway23ACentennial LeagueTopeka-Hayden

Rushing Yards (minimum 100 yards)

AJ Schwinn3272ANortheast Kansas LeagueMaur Hill-Mt. Academy
Shayden Sull2518M-IILyon County LeagueHartford
Drew Perry2381AThree Rivers LeagueUniontown
Wyatt Ledom2318M-ILyon County LeagueBurlingame
Landon Gutschenritter2211ANortheast Kansas LeagueJefferson County North
Zach Sisemore1954AUnited Kansas ConferenceBasehor-Linwood
Treden Buckman1881AThree Rivers LeagueUniontown
Canon Karn1723ABig 7 ConferenceHolton
Malachi Vann1714ASEK LeagueFort Scott
Nic Allen1703AMid-East LeagueRiley County
Addison Hundley1403ABig 7 ConferenceHolton
Vinny Smith1326ACentennial LeagueManhattan
Jace Landes1132ANortheast Kansas LeagueOskaloosa
Franks1114ASEK LeagueFort Scott
Jayden Garrison1088M-IWheat State LeagueLittle River
Blaise Dawson1072ACNC LeagueSt. Mary's Colgan
Noah Hastert1058M-IIndependentCair Paravel

Rushing Touchdowns (minimum 2)

Shayden Sull68M-IILyon County LeagueHartford
Landon Gutschenritter61ANortheast Kansas LeagueJefferson County North
AJ Schwinn62ANortheast Kansas LeagueMaur Hill-Mt. Academy
Canon Karn53ABig 7 ConferenceHolton
Nic Allen43AMid-East LeagueRiley County
Treden Buckman41AThree Rivers LeagueUniontown
Drew Perry41AThree Rivers LeagueUniontown
Jace Landes48M-IThree Rivers LeagueOswego
Wyatt Ledom38M-ILyon County LeagueBurlingame
Malachi Vann34ASEK LeagueFort Scott
Devan McEwen38M-IILyon County LeagueLebo
Jayden Garrison38M-IWheat State LeagueLittle River
Dom Bevilacqua32ACNC LeagueSt. Mary's Colgan
Noah Hastert38M-IIndependentCair Paravel
George Volle28M-IITwin Valley LeagueAxtell
Isaac Detweiler28M-IITwin Valley LeagueAxtell
Zach Sisemore24AUnited Kansas ConferenceBasehor-Linwood
Mitch Budke28M-IFlint Hills LeagueChase County
Graham Stephens28M-IWheat State LeagueLittle River
Hunter Engle28M-ILyon County LeagueMadison
Vinny Smith26ACentennial LeagueManhattan
Landon Boss22AFlint Hills LeagueOsage City
Corey Catron22AMid-East LeagueRossville
Woodrow Rezac22AMid-East LeagueRossville
Jake Hutchinson28M-IThree Rivers LeagueOswego

Receiving Yards (minimum 100 yards)

Trey Harmison1263AMid-East LeagueRiley County
Brant WIlson1014AUnited Kansas ConferenceBasehor-Linwood

Receiving Touchdowns

Jordan Brown24AUnited Kansas ConferenceBasehor-Linwood
Owen Eidman28M-IFlint Hills LeagueChase County
Trey Harmison23AMid-East LeagueRiley County
Mitchell Buessing18M-IITwin Valley LeagueAxtell
George Volle18M-IITwin Valley LeagueAxtell
Brant Wilson14AUnited Kansas ConferenceBasehor-Linwood
Harper14ASEK LeagueFort Scott
Andrew McDiffett18M-IILyon County LeagueHartford
Tanner Highley18M-IILyon County LeagueHartford
Jerome Ferguson18M-IILyon County LeagueLebo
Luke Davies18M-IILyon County LeagueLebo
Colton Crouch18M-IILyon County LeagueLebo
Braxton Lafferty18M-IWheat State LeagueLittle River
Chase Harrison18M-ILyon County LeagueMadison
Ryan Wolgram18M-ILyon County LeagueMadison
Bryson Turner18M-ILyon County LeagueMadison
Luke Neary12AFlint Hills LeagueOsage City
Brody Littrell12AFlint Hills LeagueOsage City
Jayce Brenner12AFlint Hills LeagueOsage City
Isac Elkins18M-IThree Rivers LeagueOswego


Tackles (assisted tackles count for 1/2 towards total)

AJ Schwinn142ANortheast Kansas LeagueMaur Hill-Mt. Academy
Evan Will11.58M-IIndependentCair Paravel
Jacob Stinnet114ASEK LeagueFort Scott
Isaac Detweiler108M-IITwin Valley LeagueAxtell
Aidan Ingram104AUnited Kansas ConferenceBasehor-Linwood
Zeller103AMid-East LeagueRiley County
Mitch Budke9.58M-IFlint Hills LeagueChase County
Trevor Quaney98M-ILyon County LeagueBurlingame
Hopper93AMid-East LeagueRiley County
Jake Harvey91AThree Rivers LeagueUniontown
Sam Hicks84AUnited Kansas ConferenceBasehor-Linwood
Malachi Vann7.54ASEK LeagueFort Scott
Noah Haster7.58M-IIndependentCair Paravel
Colby Klieman76ACentennial LeagueManhattan
Justin Ronnebaum6.58M-IITwin Valley LeagueAxtell
Andrew Zeller6.58M-ILyon County LeagueBurlingame
Korin Koenig6.53AMid-East LeagueRiley County
Penner Unruh6.58M-IIndependentCair Paravel
Lance Noonan68M-ILyon County LeagueBurlingame
Luke Perry61AThree Rivers LeagueUniontown
Joey Marlow61AThree Rivers LeagueUniontown
Grady Buessing5.58M-IITwin Valley LeagueAxtell
Dalton Harris5.54AUnited Kansas ConferenceBasehor-Linwood
Garrett Robison5.58M-ILyon County LeagueBurlingame
Maxwell Robinson5.58M-IIndependentCair Paravel
George Volle58M-IITwin Valley LeagueAxtell
Gavin Williams58M-ILyon County LeagueBurlingame
Brock Griffin58M-IFlint Hills LeagueChase County
Bryson Turner58M-ILyon County LeagueMadison
Damian Ilalio56ACentennial LeagueManhattan
Jeramiah Eustaquio56ACentennial LeagueManhattan
Drew Perry51AThree Rivers LeagueUniontown
Hunter Schaaf51AThree Rivers LeagueUniontown
Isac Elkins58M-IThree Rivers LeagueOswego
Tristan Gray58M-IThree Rivers LeagueOswego


Dominick Bishop14ASEK LeagueFort Scott
Dylan Crawford14ASEK LeagueFort Scott
Andrew Bailey18M-IILyon County LeagueLebo
Austin Bailey18M-IILyon County LeagueLebo
Darius O'Connell16ACentennial LeagueManhattan
Jack White13AMid-East LeagueRiley County
Jake Harvey11AThree Rivers LeagueUniontown
Dalton Harris0.54AUnited Kansas ConferenceBasehor-Linwood
Peyton McGee0.54AUnited Kansas ConferenceBasehor-Linwood


Blaise Holloway38M-IFlint Hills LeagueChase County
Caleb Hamilton22ACNC LeagueSt. Mary's Colgan
Isaac Detewweiler18M-IITwin Valley LeagueAxtell
Tylon Ybarra18M-IFlint Hills LeagueChase County
Andrew McDiffett18M-IILyon County LeagueHartford
Addison Smith18M-IILyon County LeagueLebo
Caleb Fehr18M-IILyon County LeagueLebo
Rylan Konen18M-IWheat State LeagueLittle River
Brian Bailey12AFlint Hills LeagueOsage City
Reid Crawford12AFlint Hills LeagueOsage City
Joey Marlow11AThree Rivers LeagueUniontown
Jake Hutchinson18M-IThree Rivers LeagueOswego

Forced Fumbles

Nate Adams24ASEK LeagueFort Scott
Blake Normand12ACNC LeagueSt. Mary's Colgan

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