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Kansas High School Football Class 2A East Seeding Scenarios

Kansas High School Football Class 2A East Seeding Scenarios

In a typical year, the playoff picture for Kansas high school football is becoming crystal clear by now, but this is not a typical year.

The Kansas High School Activities Association altered the seeding for 3A – 8M by total point differential to now average point differential earlier this year as well as a few other postseason selection alterations if necessary.

The high school football tie-breaker formula for KSHSAA for 2020 is as follows:

  1. District win percentage
  2. Head-to-head, if all teams tied played each other
  3. Average Point Differential
  4. Drawn by lot (the KSHSAA will draw)

With that scenario in mind, we have broken down the possible seeding scenarios for District’s 1 through 4, East districts, in Class 2A for the 2020 season.

Again, this is unprecedented and using the formula given by KSHSAA, we are making the best attempt to break down the possible seeding scenarios. This article also breaks down the scenarios with the current schedule as of 10/20/20

While we made every effort to double-check these, it is possible to still have an error. If you spot an error, please e-mail

You can read the fall postseason changes from KSHSAA here:

Records were pulled from the KSHSAA website.


Riverton @ St. Mary’s Colgan

Winner takes District Championship while the other team is runner-up.

Southeast @ Fredonia, Erie @ Neodesha

Let me first preface this by saying if Neodesha loses to Erie then Southeast & Fredonia are battling for the 3 & 4 seed.

IF Southeast (2-1) def Fredonia (2-2), Neodesha (2-3) def Erie

THEN Southeast claims the 3 seed, Fredonia claims the 4 seed, Neodesha eliminated

IF Fredonia (3-1) def Southeast (1-2), Neodesha (2-3) def Erie

THEN Fredonia claims the 3 seed, Neodesha claims the 4 seed due to better district win percentage over Southeast.


Osage City should have the District 2 title locked up. Even with a loss and a West Franklin win, they would have the head-to-head tiebreaker.

West Franklin @ Wellsville

West Franklin & Wellsville cannot do any better than the 2 seed from this district and no worse than a 3 seed. The winner of this match-up gets a home playoff game, the other team will travel on the road next week.

Eureka is the 4 seed in the district. Even if they lose (2-3) and Humboldt were to win (2-3) Eureka would hold the head-to-head tiebreaker.


Mission Valley (3-1) @ Rossville (4-0), Pleasant Ridge (2-2) @ Silver Lake (3-1)

IF Mission Valley (4-1) def Rossville (4-1), Silver Lake (4-1) def Pleasant Ridge (2-3)

THEN 1, 2, and 3 seeds are determined by average point differential.

IF Rossville (5-0) def Mission Valley (3-2), Pleasant Ridge (3-2) def Silver Lake (3-2)

THEN 2, 3, and 4 seeds are determined by average point differential.

IF Rossville (5-0) def Mission Valley (3-2), Silver Lake (4-1) def Pleasant Ridge (2-3)

THEN #1 Rossville #2 Silver Lake #3 Mission Valley #4 Pleasant Ridge


Ok, this is where things get a bit weird and as of this writing I’m still waiting on confirmation, but given the tie-breaker scenario released by KSHSAA, I believe this possible scenario to be true:


Riverside (2-2) @ Maur Hill-Mt. Academy (3-0), Nemaha Central (3-0) & Republic County (2-1) will not play this week

EDITOR: earlier version incorrectly stated Atchison County @ Republic County. We regret the error.

IF Riverside (3-2) def Maur Hill-Mt. Academy (3-1)

THEN #1 Nemaha-Central #2 Maur Hill-Mt. Academy #3 Republic County #4 Riverside

Republic County would have the higher district win percentage over Riverside.

IF Maur Hill-Mt. Academy (4-0) def Riverside (2-3) by 20 points or less

THEN #1 Nemaha Central #2 Maur Hill-Mt. Academy #3 Republic County #4 Riverside

Nemaha Central becomes the number one seed due to the better average points differential over Maur Hill-Mt. Academy.

IF Maur Hill-Mt. Academy (4-0) def Riverside (2-3) by more than 21 points

THEN #1 & #2 seed drawn by KSHSAA #3 Republic County #4 Riverside

Both Maur Hill-Mt. Academy and Nemaha Central would have the same district win percentage, they did not face each other in district play, if the Ravens defeat the Cyclones by more than 21 then the average point differentials remain the same, thus KSHSAA would draw by lot to determine who is the district champion and the district runner-up.

2020 strikes again.

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