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Pytholwany leads Tigers to 3-1 Win Over Blue Comets

Pytholwany leads Tigers to 3-1 Win Over Blue Comets

The Chanute Blue Comets traveled to Fort Scott to play the Tigers on Thursday night. The Tigers took the 3-1 win behind two goals from senior Gavin Pytholwany despite Chanute playing one of their best games this season.

“A ton of things went really well. Our first half we dominated them, we were attacking for 85% of the time, we were creating chances, we were cutting up their defense with great short passes, control, working together, and we just couldn’t find the net,” Chanute’s head coach Adam Wilcox said “Sometimes that happens. We gave up just a ridiculous long ball, just a two second lapse in concentration and they put one over on the scoreboard.”

The Comets controlled most of this game. Fort Scott just did a better job on capitalizing on Chanute’s mistakes than Chanute did capitalizing on Fort Scott’s. The first time they scored came off of Pytholwany’s footin the 26th minute. 

That was the only goal of the first half. Lucio Soliz was able to get  Chanute their goal just three minutes into the second half. That puts Soliz at two goals on the season. Within seconds after the score, Elijah Self scored the Tigers their second goal to go up 2-1. Pytholwany put in his second in the 71st minute.

“Lawson [Collins] played a new position, he played center back. He looked like he was out of position sometimes, but in his first game he did wonderful back there. Lucio started up top for us with Lopez out and Lawson dropping back. Lucio looked really good for us,” Wilcox said, “Walker [Becknell] and Kaleb [Becannon] and Miguel [Ayuso] were linking up passes together. Stark [Wright] was getting the ball off of his foot quicker than normal. A lot of things went really good. You know, you can throw a five-hit game in baseball, but if three of those hits are home runs and you put up two, then you’re losing. They just beat us four out of the 80 minutes.”

The Blue Comets entered this year with only two starters returning at the same position they played last season. Chanute found themselves in somewhat of a rebuilding situation and they;ve made giant strides since that first game against Independence.

“80 minutes. If we play a full 80 minutes we’ll be good. Now we’re at the point where our ideas are for the most part right, like at the beginning of the year, our ideas were all over the place. We didn’t play the right balls, we weren’t making the right runs, we weren’t marking up the right people, so we were getting beat by bad ideas and bad people,” Wilcox said “Now we’re getting the right ideas. We’re playing the right balls to the right people in the right spaces. It’s just the skill. A touch goes a little bit wide, a ball goes a little bit off. If we get 1% better in 15 different paces. We’re going to be awesome.”

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