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Uniontown HS Fall 2020 Week 5 Recap

Uniontown HS Fall 2020 Week 5 Recap

(Special to Eastern Kansas Sports from Uniontown HS student sports reporter Adley Martin)


The Lady Eagles traveled to Jayhawk Linn on Tuesday, September 29 for their volleyball matches. The JV lost their game, but Varsity was victorious against the Jayhawks.

Jayhawk defeated Uniontown in two matches scoring 25-18 and 25-19. Landry George scored 4 points.

The Eagles defeated Jayhawk in three sets, scoring 25-21, 25-19, and 25-20. Bri Stokes scored 12 points and had 11 consecutive serves in the first set. Libby Schaaf was 19/23 on attacks and had 2 kills, Danielle Howard was 17/20 on attacks with 6 kills, Karleigh Schoenberger was 16/20 on attacks with 3 kills, and Paige Mason was 14/14 on attacks with 4 kills. Gwen Fry had 6 solo blocks.

“We did not play our best, but still played well enough to get the win,” said Coach Hall. “Still continuing to work on the little things. We will host Marmaton Valley on Tuesday, October 6. This is our only home event!”


The Eagles’ football team went up against the Northern Heights Wildcats on Friday, October 2. The Wildcats were defeated 41-0. Hunter Schaaf had 17 rushes for 134 yards, while Drew Perry and Treden Buckman each had 11 rushes for 112 and 34 yards, respectively. Schaaf also scored 4 touchdowns and had 10 assists, and Perry scored 2 touchdowns. Jake Harvey had 7 assists, 2 unassisted tackles, and 1 Q.B. sack.

Head Coach Johnathan Stark said of the game, “I thought the team did a really good job of playing hard and playing together. We started off the first quarter really intense and ready to play, and we were able to maintain our intensity throughout the entire game. We had some really tough calls against us early in the game that went against our momentum, but we showed maturity and mental toughness by being able to overcome them and stay focused. I was really proud of some of the guys on the team at the end. We put in some of our subs and JV players, but the quality of play on the field stayed the same, and we won 41-0 against a team that has a lot of talent.”

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