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Chanute Struggles with injuries, Field Kindley Takes 7-0 Win

Chanute Struggles with injuries, Field Kindley Takes 7-0 Win

The Chanute Blue Comets faced off with the Field Kindley Golden Tornado on Thursday. Field Kindley took the 7-0 win behind hat tricks from junior Jose Gaspar and sophomore Alonzo Andre-Matias. The Comets had a hard time health-wise. Three varsity mainstays, including one starter in Jacob Guernsey, didn’t play a minute and many more left the game permanently or at least for long stretches of time.

“Nothing went well. There were some things that looked like they were going to go horribly that only went poorly. It was rough, I mean, Coffeyville’s a good team, we’re super beat up right now,” Chanute head coach Adam Wilcox said, “I mean we had, I don’t even know the list of players that are hurt right now. [Gregory] Lopez only played like ten, fifteen minutes, [Jacob] Guernsey didn’t play a single minute, Trey [Smoot] came off in the second half and didn’t play at all for a head injury, the list is so long I can’t think of them all. We were super beat up, so we put two JV players in just to have a warm body and the warm bodies got hurt. We just can’t catch a physical break right now. Just a rough day and a rough stretch right now.”

Field Kindley started the game off hot. By the time ten minutes passed Andres-Matias had two goals and Gaspar had one. Blue Comet defenseman Hayden Newton had also left the game by this point and wouldn’t return until part way into the second half. 

In the 18th minute junior Caden Herring scored his first goal of the night to extend the lead to four. By halftime Gaspar scored his second and the Golden Tornado led 5-0. 

For most of the second half, Field Kindley had reserves in because of the large lead and Chanute had reserves in out of necessity. Andres-Matias was in for part of the half and scored his third goal before another minute had passed. The final goal would come from Herring in the 60th minute.

“I didn’t have enough people to make actual roster changes or formation changes. We just had an attitude and mental change of we weren’t going to let them push us around again for 40 minutes,” Wilcox said, “When you’re down 5-0 with those injuries you know you aren’t going to win, but you can play with heart and you can play with heart and you can play with pride. My challenge was: are we going to lose by ten, are we giving up another five, or are we giving up one or two? And they stepped up, as hurt as we were, as low-maned as we were, we held them to two. Which is not great but, I mean, all things considered that’s what they had to offer and that’s what they did.” 

One positive for the Comets was the play of freshman Noah Vogel. Two years and two weeks ago, I wrote about Chanute’s 3-0 win against El Dorado. In that game (at the time) freshman Trey Smoot was pulled off the bench and played his first varsity minutes. Since then Smoot has become one of the first guys off the bench, plays solid varsity minutes, and has two goals this season to show for it. 

Since then my soccer knowledge has grown exponentially and after that game I see the same potential in Vogel that I did in Smoot two years ago.

“[Vogel] was a warm body when we needed one and he went in. He won a couple of balls and played a nice couple of balls up to Kaleb [Becannon] when we needed it,” Wilcox said

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