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“Queens of the Court”: Eastern Kansas Volleyball Season Stat Leaders Through 9/27/20

“Queens of the Court”: Eastern Kansas Volleyball Season Stat Leaders Through 9/27/20

Here are the season stat leaders from volleyball for the Eastern Kansas Sports coverage area after week 4. We cover 166 total schools, including 19 leagues.

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Stats are sent to us from coaches. We take the leader from each team for the following stats and compare them to others in the coverage area.

VISITORS – The tables can be sorted by NAME, SCHOOL, LEAGUE. CLASSIFICATION, and STAT NUMBER. Hold SHIFT to sort by multiple columns.

COACHES – you can submit your team’s stats to .

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Emma Berry473ACNC LeagueRiverton
Jacy Thomasson403ACNC LeagueRiverton
Madi Bruce354AAtchison LeagueAtchison
Anna Dean354ASEK LeagueLabette County
Kirstyn Murrow343ATri-Valley LeagueHumboldt
Alyssa Kern341ATwin Valley LeagueWashington County
Taylor Damme273ABig 7 ConferencePerry-Lecompton
Ryland Hawkinson261AWheat State LeagueElyria Christian
Heather Arnett233ACNC LeagueFrontenac
Shelbi Wilson204ASEK LeagueLabette County
Merrin O'Connor124AEastern Kansas LeagueBishop Miege
Evie Scoles123ATri-Valley LeagueCaney Valley


Shelbi Wilson3254ASEK LeagueLabette County
Emma Berry3143ACNC LeagueRiverton
Gracen Hipfl2403ACNC LeagueFrontenac
Kirstyn Murrow2223ATri-Valley LeagueHumboldt
Kortney Potter1971AWheat State LeagueElyria Christian
Madi Bruce1884AAtchison LeagueAtchison
Kenisyn Hottenstein1623ATri-Valley LeagueHumboldt
Merrin O'Connor1444AEastern Kansas LeagueBishop Miege
Mia Cardenas1371ATwin Valley LeagueWashington County
Ella Besler1253ABig 7 ConferencePerry-Lecompton
Ally Miller1123ATri-Valley LeagueCaney Valley
Ava Martin1084AEastern Kansas LeagueBishop Miege
Katy Harris1024AAtchison LeagueAtchison


Katy Hurd533ABig 7 ConferencePerry-Lecompton
Jessica Myers333ATri-Valley LeagueHumboldt
Ryland Hawkinson331AWheat State LeagueElyria Christian
Jacy Thomasson303ACNC LeagueRiverton
Anna Dean244ASEK LeagueLabette County
Katy Harris174AAtchison LeagueAtchison
Ella Martin174AEastern Kansas LeagueBishop Miege
Hattie Pyle123ACNC LeagueFrontenac
Ally Miller103ATri-Valley LeagueCaney Valley
Bri Boykin71ATwin Valley LeagueWashington County


Riley Dusin1481ATwin Valley LeagueWashington County
Ryland Hawkinson1321AWheat State LeagueElyria Christian
Kayla Greer1303ACNC LeagueRiverton
Rayne Berkhalter1254AAtchison LeagueAtchison
Anna Dean1244ASEK LeagueLabette County
Claire Carnahan1054ASEK LeagueLabette County
Mia Brown1013ACNC LeagueFrontenac
Heather Arnett953ACNC LeagueFrontenac
Ella Martin884AEastern Kansas LeagueBishop Miege
Jada Dangerfield763ATri-Valley LeagueHumboldt
Allyson Baker563ABig 7 ConferencePerry-Lecompton
Amyiah Rupert343ATri-Valley LeagueCaney Valley


Jacy Thomasson2093ACNC LeagueRiverton
Katy Harris1644AAtchison LeagueAtchison
Jessica Myers1153ATri-Valley LeagueHumboldt
Anna Dean1154ASEK LeagueLabette County
Heather Arnett1053ACNC LeagueFrontenac
Camryn Boykin1021ATwin Valley LeagueWashington County
Payton Verhulst954AEastern Kansas LeagueBishop Miege
Katy Hurd923ABig 7 ConferencePerry-Lecompton
Madi Bruce844AAtchison LeagueAtchison
Ryland Hawkinson831AWheat State LeagueElyria Christian
Erin Garr754AEastern Kansas LeagueBishop Miege
Ella Martin634AEastern Kansas LeagueBishop Miege
Evie Scoles573ATri-Valley LeagueCaney Valley

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