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EKS Volleyball Saturday Recap – 9/26/20

EKS Volleyball Saturday Recap – 9/26/20

Thank you to all the Eastern Kansas high school volleyball coaches who submitted their results.

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Diller-Odell def Valley Heights 2-0
Diller-Odell def Linn 2-0
Diller-Odell def Axtell 2-0
Valley Heights def Linn 2-0
Valley Heights def Axtell 2-0
Linn def Axtell 2-1
Falls City Sacred Hart def St. Jon’s Beloit 2-0
FCHS def Frankfort 2-0
FCSH def Tri-County 2-0
Frankfort def St. John’s 2-0
Frankfort def Tri-County 2-0
Tri-County def St. John’s 2-1


Tri-County def Axtell 2-0
Linn def St. John’s 2-0
Linn def. Tri-County 2-0
St. John’s def Axtell 2-0


Diller-Odell def Frankfort 2-0
FCSH def Valley Heights 2-0
Valley Heights def Frankfort 2-0
Diller-Odell def FCSH 2-0


Humboldt def Lyndon 2-0
Humboldt def Southern Coffey County 2-0
Humboldt def Iola 2-1
Humboldt def Burlington 2-1
Emporia def Humboldt 2-0

Humboldt head coach Terry Meadows said, “Today we played the best we have all season.  We are finally putting it all together.  I felt our passes were really good today and our hitters were able to put the ball away much better.”


Canton-Galva def Sunrise Christian 2-1
Rural Vista def Canton-Galva 2-0

Canton-Galva head coach Cloe Hedlund said, “We played well the first match against Sunrise, but still struggled to set up our offense effectively for most of the match.  The second match with Rural Vista, we were on defense most of the match so had to adjust quite a bit.  Rural Vista had some great hitters, so we will have to improve our defense before we play them again on Tuesday.”


St.Paul / Chetopa def Coffeyville 2-0
Colgan def Coffeyville 2-0
LCHS def Coffeyville 2-0
LCHS def St. Paul / Chetopa 2-0
Colgan def LCHS 2-1

LCHS head coach Heather Wilson said, “Proud of our resiliency as a team, losing an important piece of our team on Tuesday and re-creating our lineup. We battled with Colgan early and beat them a set, so that was encouraging, but we just couldn’t muster enough firepower to finish either final set.  We will have to go back to work on Monday.”


Olpe def Goessel 2-0
Goessel def Conway Springs 2-0
Olpe Def Wabaunsee 2-1
Wabaunsee def Goessel 2-1
Olpe def Conway Springs 2-0


De Soto def Eudora 2-1
De Soto def Tonganoxie 2-1
Ottawa def De Soto 2-1

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