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“Beasts of the East”: Eastern Kansas Football Week 4 Stat Leaders

“Beasts of the East”: Eastern Kansas Football Week 4 Stat Leaders

Here are the week 4 offensive and defensive stat leaders for the Eastern Kansas Sports coverage area of the Kansas high school football season. We cover 166 total schools, including 19 leagues.

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These tables include the leaders in the stat category listed below. That stat information is obtained from boxscores and/or sent to us from the team’s coach.

VISITORS – The tables can be sorted by NAME, SCHOOL, LEAGUE, CLASSIFICATION, and STAT NUMBER. Hold SHIFT to sort by multiple columns.

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Passing Yards (minimum 100 yards)

Cade Oliver2861AMid-East LeagueWabaunsee
Isaac Stanton2824AUnited Kansas ConferenceBasehor-Linwood
Carter Brian2698M-IIndependentCair Paravel
Dakota Burritt2454AEastern Kansas LeagueSt. James Academy
Caden Duggan2448M-IIThree Rivers LeagueChetopa
Connor Holle2253AMid-East LeagueRiley County
Mikey Pauley2236AEastern Kansas LeagueBlue Valley Northwest
Zeke Reazin2094AFrontier LeagueEudora
Drew Caudle2052ANortheast Kansas LeagueMaur Hill-Mt. Academy
Cole Criss1888M-ISouth Central Border LeagueCedar Vale/Dexter
Hunter Wohler1805AUnited Kansas ConferenceShawnee Heights
Cole Lacey1778M-IILyon County LeagueMarais des Cygnes Valley
Landon Boss1752AFlint Hills LeagueOsage City
Devan McEwen1668M-IILyon County LeagueLebo
Thad Metcalfe1643ABig 7 ConferencePerry-Lecompton
Isaac Deteweiler1628M-IITwin Valley LeagueAxtell
Gage Roach1506AEastern Kansas LeagueBlue Valley West
Ali Smith1328M-IILyon County LeagueHartford
Kaden Dillon1313ABig 7 ConferenceSabetha
Xander Newberry1298M-ISouth Central Border LeagueArgonia-Attica
Jackson Miller1245AUnited Kansas ConferenceDe Soto
Cam Geitz1245ACentennial LeagueEmporia
Alex Herbel1228M-IWheat State LeagueSolomon
Fletcher Pankey1215AFrontier LeagueSpring Hill
BJ Canady1186ACentennial LeagueTopeka
Jake Wright1082ACNC LeagueSt. Mary's Colgan
Keiondre Smith1048M-IISouth Central Border LeagueCaldwell

Passing Touchdowns (minimum 2)

Landon Boss52AFlint Hills LeagueOsage City
Alex Herbel48M-IWheat State LeagueSolomon
Devan McEwen48M-IILyon County LeagueLebo
Caden Duggan48M-IIThree Rivers LeagueChetopa
Mikey Pauley46AEastern Kansas LeagueBlue Valley Northwest
Casey Helm38M-ILyon County LeagueMadison
Isaac Stanton34AUnited Kansas ConferenceBasehor-Linwood
Isaac Detweiler28M-IITwin Valley LeagueAxtell
Garrett Maltbie28M-IWheat State LeagueCanton-Galva
Mitch Budke28M-IFlint Hills LeagueChase County
Dakota Burritt24AEastern Kansas LeagueSt. James Academy
Keiondre Smith28M-IISouth Central Border LeagueCaldwell
Cade Oliver21AMid-East LeagueWabaunsee
Ali Smith28M-IILyon County LeagueHartford
Xander Newberry28M-ISouth Central Border LeagueArgonia-Attica
Connor Holle23AMid-East LeagueRiley County
Carter Brian28M-IIndependentCair Paravel
Jake Wright22ACNC LeagueSt. Mary's Colgan
Zeke Reazin24AFrontier LeagueEudora
Dayne Aschenbrenner26ACentennial LeagueManhattan
Cole Criss28M-ISouth Central Border LeagueCedar Vale/Dexter
Thad Metcalfe23ABig 7 ConferencePerry-Lecompton

Rushing Yards (minimum 100 yards)

Luke Detwiler3061AFlint Hills LeagueLyndon
Karsten McKee2341AThree Rivers LeaguePleasanton
Jackson Miller2065AUnited Kansas ConferenceDe Soto
Andrew Schwinn1912ANortheast Kansas LeagueMaur Hill-Mt. Academy
Nic Allen1843AMid-East LeagueRiley County
Keiondre Smith1838M-IISouth Central Border LeagueCaldwell
Damian Foster1818M-IILyon County LeagueWaverly
Colin Jueneman1808M-IITwin Valley LeagueHanover
Devon Feldkamp1781ATwin Valley LeagueCentralia
Cole Lacey1738M-IILyon County LeagueMarais des Cygnes Valley
Canon Karn1693ABig 7 ConferenceHolton
Brennan Lowe1672ATri-Valley LeagueEureka
Reichen Rush1513ABig 7 ConferencePerry-Lecompton
Jake Hutchinson1448M-IThree Rivers LeagueOswego
Ethan Armstrong1418M-IITwin Valley LeagueFrankfort
Brayden Beerbower1414AFrontier LeagueEudora
Jude Stow1378M-IISouth Central Border LeagueCaldwell
Trint Rogers1348M-IFlint Hills LeagueChase County
Brogan Myers1338M-ISouth Central Border LeagueCedar Vale/Dexter
Noah McCullough1334AFrontier LeagueOttawa
Dakota Pease1318M-IIThree Rivers LeagueChetopa
Zach Sisemore1274AUnited Kansas ConferenceBasehor-Linwood
Xander Newberry1278M-ISouth Central Border LeagueArgonia-Attica
Thad Metcalfe1253ABig 7 ConferencePerry-Lecompton
Alex Herbel1228M-IWheat State LeagueSolomon
Domenico Bevilacqua1212ACNC LeagueSt. Mary's Colgan
Draven Pipkin1215AFrontier LeagueSpring Hill
Addison Hundley1153ABig 7 ConferenceHolton
Shayden Sull1138M-IILyon County LeagueHartford
Devan McEwen1138M-IILyon County LeagueLebo
Justice Dunbar1102AFlint Hills LeagueMission Valley
Ian Haverkamp1021ATwin Valley LeagueCentralia

Rushing Touchdowns (minimum 2)

Cole Lacey68M-IILyon County LeagueMarais des Cygnes Valley
Landon Gutschenritte51ANortheast Kansas LeagueJefferson County North
Keiondre Smith58M-IISouth Central Border LeagueCaldwell
Luke Detwiler41AFlint Hills LeagueLyndon
Jackson Miller45AUnited Kansas ConferenceDe Soto
Nic Allen43AMid-East LeagueRiley County
Damian Foster48M-IILyon County LeagueWaverly
Brogan Myers48M-ISouth Central Border LeagueCedar Vale/Dexter
Thad Metcalfe43ABig 7 ConferencePerry-Lecompton
Jake Hutchinson38M-IThree Rivers LeagueOswego
Trint Rogers38M-IFlint Hills LeagueChase County
Aiden Gerstner38M-IITwin Valley LeagueFrankfort
Colin Jueneman38M-IITwin Valley LeagueHanover
Kyle Reese38M-IILyon County LeagueLebo
Domenico Bevilacqua32ACNC LeagueSt. Mary's Colgan
Fletcher Pankey35AFrontier LeagueSpring Hill
Stratton McGhee38M-IIThree Rivers LeagueColony-Crest
Holden Barker38M-IIThree Rivers LeagueColony-Crest
Andrew Schwinn32ANortheast Kansas LeagueMaur Hill-Mt. Academy
Devon Feldkamp31ATwin Valley LeagueCentralia
Brandon Huff28M-IWheat State LeagueCanton-Galva
Brayden Collins28M-IWheat State LeagueCanton-Galva
Ethan Armstrong28M-IITwin Valley LeagueFrankfort
Jacob Jueneman28M-IITwin Valley LeagueHanover
Addison Hundley23ABig 7 ConferenceHolton
Drew Schmelzle23ABig 7 ConferenceHolton
Drew Schmelzle23ABig 7 ConferenceSabetha
Alex Herbel28M-IWheat State LeagueSolomon
Zach Sisemore24AUnited Kansas ConferenceBasehor-Linwood
LaJames White24AEastern Kansas LeagueSt. James Academy
Xander Newberry28M-ISouth Central Border LeagueArgonia-Attica
Adam Blanchat28M-ISouth Central Border LeagueArgonia-Attica
Karsten McKee21AThree Rivers LeaguePleasanton
ethan Kuder28M-IIndependentCair Paravel
Dakota Pease28M-IIThree Rivers LeagueChetopa
Gabe Martin23ACNC LeagueColumbus
Brayden Beerbower24AFrontier LeagueEudora
Mikey Pauley26AEastern Kansas LeagueBlue Valley Northwest
Brennan Lowe22ATri-Valley LeagueEureka
Dayne Aschenbrenner26ACentennial LeagueManhattan
Si Killman28M-ISouth Central Border LeagueCedar Vale/Dexter

Receiving Yards (minimum 100 yards)

Steven Whitter1846AEastern Kansas LeagueBlue Valley Northwest
Trey Harmison1483AMid-East LeagueRiley County
Ethan Huber1374AUnited Kansas ConferenceBasehor-Linwood
Noah Hastert1328M-IIndependentCair Paravel
Tanner Highley1098M-IILyon County LeagueHartford
Connor Wright1068M-IIThree Rivers LeagueChetopa

Receiving Touchdowns

Tylon Ybarra28M-IFlint Hills LeagueChase County
Scott Robinson28M-IWheat State LeagueSolomon
Jordan Brown24AUnited Kansas ConferenceBasehor-Linwood
Gunnar Fort22AFlint Hills LeagueOsage City
Dawson Bristor28M-IISouth Central Border LeagueCaldwell
Kyle Reese28M-IILyon County LeagueLebo
Jerome Ferguson28M-IILyon County LeagueLebo
Conner Wright28M-IIThree Rivers LeagueChetopa
Jaiden Bender24AFrontier LeagueEudora
Steven Whitter26AEastern Kansas LeagueBlue Valley Northwest
Joe Hall26ACentennial LeagueManhattan
Conner Harden18M-ISouth Central Border LeagueArgonia-Attica
Blake Goodman18M-ISouth Central Border LeagueArgonia-Attica
Wyatt Lingenfelter18M-IILyon County LeagueMarais des Cygnes Valley
Isac Elkins18M-IThree Rivers LeagueOswego
Trey Harmison13AMid-East LeagueRiley County
Robert Vanatta18M-IIThree Rivers LeagueChetopa
Dakota Pease18M-IIThree Rivers LeagueChetopa
Landen Proffitt13ACNC LeagueColumbus
Charles Snyder15ACentennial LeagueEmporia
Kameron Crotchett15AFrontier LeagueSpring Hill
Gianni Piccini12ACNC LeagueSt. Mary's Colgan
Kannon Keller12ACNC LeagueSt. Mary's Colgan
Max Muehlberger16AEastern Kansas LeagueBlue Valley Northwest
Drew Kaufman16AEastern Kansas LeagueBlue Valley Northwest
Andrew Bradley16AEastern Kansas LeagueBlue Valley West
Tyson Hermreck18M-IIThree Rivers LeagueColony-Crest
Naz Phillips16ACentennial LeagueTopeka
Darius Casebolt18M-ISouth Central Border LeagueCedar Vale/Dexter
Si Killman18M-ISouth Central Border LeagueCedar Vale/Dexter
Presly Bowers11ATwin Valley LeagueCentralia


Tackles (minimum 5)

Jacob Myers24.55AUnited Kansas ConferenceShawnee Heights
Dawson Block225AUnited Kansas ConferenceShawnee Heights
Colton McCammon193APioneer LeaguePrairie View
Damian Foster188M-IILyon County LeagueWaverly
Ziwaun White185AUnited Kansas ConferenceShawnee Heights
Callan Carver185AUnited Kansas ConferenceShawnee Heights
Sean Wunder185AUnited Kansas ConferenceShawnee Heights
Andrew Schwinn172ANortheast Kansas LeagueMaur Hill-Mt. Academy
Wyatt lingenfelter168M-IILyon County LeagueMarais des Cygnes Valley
Dylan Hynes15.58M-IWheat State LeagueSolomon
Caleb Appel155AUnited Kansas ConferenceShawnee Heights
Lance Teal138M-IThree Rivers LeagueOswego
Dakota Pease138M-IIThree Rivers LeagueChetopa
Jace Reves121AMid-East LeagueWabaunsee
Ja'Laveyn January125AUnited Kansas ConferenceShawnee Heights
Jesse Blumer118M-IThree Rivers LeagueOswego
Derek Wallin111AMid-East LeagueWabaunsee
Zach Frank111AMid-East LeagueWabaunsee
Colten Tiffany101AFlint Hills LeagueNorthern Heights
Adam Peterson9.54AUnited Kansas ConferenceBasehor-Linwood
Robert Vanatta9.58M-IIThree Rivers LeagueChetopa
Marcus Jones9.55AUnited Kansas ConferenceShawnee Heights
Jake Yungeberg9.51ATwin Valley LeagueCentralia
Tyson Struber98M-IWheat State LeagueCanton-Galva
Kyle Reese98M-IILyon County LeagueLebo
Tyler Lohmeyer91AMid-East LeagueWabaunsee
Diego Rutz95AUnited Kansas ConferenceShawnee Heights
Maddox Johnson92ATri-Valley LeagueHumboldt
Kevin Gehrke8.58M-IWheat State LeagueHerington
Ridley Swader8.58M-IWheat State LeagueHerington
Blake Goodman8.58M-ISouth Central Border LeagueArgonia-Attica
George Volle88M-IITwin Valley LeagueAxtell
Joel Deters82AFlint Hills LeagueMission Valley
Dane Whalen82AFlint Hills LeagueOsage City
Cooper Traffas88M-ISouth Central Border LeagueArgonia-Attica
Drew Ranallo86AEastern Kansas LeagueBlue Valley Northwest
Carter Worthington86AEastern Kansas LeagueBlue Valley Northwest
Joe Samyn86AEastern Kansas LeagueBlue Valley Northwest
Holden Barker88M-IIThree Rivers LeagueColony-Crest
Skyler Higgins7.55ACentennial LeagueEmporia
Andre Reynolds7.53APioneer LeaguePrairie View
Cameron Beardsley7.51ATwin Valley LeagueCentralia
Trey Sommer7.52ATri-Valley LeagueHumboldt
Aiden Gerstner78M-IITwin Valley LeagueFrankfort
Cordell Stiles78M-IWheat State LeagueHerington
Aidan Ingram74AUnited Kansas ConferenceBasehor-Linwood
Kolbyn Hooper73ATri-Valley LeagueCherryvale
Noah hastert78M-IIndependentCair Paravel
B. Griffin6.58M-IFlint Hills LeagueChase County
Nick Brooker6.51AFlint Hills LeagueLyndon
Spencer Coup6.58M-IWheat State LeagueSolomon
Tucker Dixon6.54AUnited Kansas ConferenceBasehor-Linwood
Conner Harnden6.58M-ISouth Central Border LeagueArgonia-Attica
Penner Unruh6.58M-IIndependentCair Paravel
Charles Snyder6.55ACentennial LeagueEmporia
Colby Klieman6.56ACentennial LeagueManhattan
Evan Haines6.51ATwin Valley LeagueCentralia
Andrew Watts6.52ATri-Valley LeagueHumboldt
O. Eidman68M-IFlint Hills LeagueChase County
Jerome Ferguson68M-IILyon County LeagueLebo
Escoto63ATri-Valley LeagueCherryvale
Gavin Strickland-Broden68M-IIThree Rivers LeagueChetopa
Kyle Obermeyer65ACentennial LeagueEmporia
Zachary Yates66AEastern Kansas LeagueBlue Valley Northwest
Andrew Bradley66AEastern Kansas LeagueBlue Valley West
Stratton McGhee68M-IIThree Rivers LeagueColony-Crest
Cooper Topinka5.58M-ISouth Central Border LeagueArgonia-Attica
Max Columbo5.58M-IIndependentCair Paravel
Will Glover5.52ACNC LeagueSt. Mary's Colgan
Brayden Kepner5.58M-IIThree Rivers LeagueChetopa
Camden Kirmer5.55ACentennial LeagueEmporia
Trenton L'Ecuyer5.51ATwin Valley LeagueCentralia
Jarret Baxa58M-IWheat State LeagueSolomon
Luke Davies58M-IILyon County LeagueLebo
Domenico Bevilacqua52ACNC LeagueSt. Mary's Colgan
Gianni Piccini52ACNC LeagueSt. Mary's Colgan
Nick Nading58M-IIThree Rivers LeagueChetopa
Brooks Lowe56AEastern Kansas LeagueBlue Valley West
Matthew Etzel55AUnited Kansas ConferenceShawnee Heights
Zach Theis53APioneer LeaguePrairie View
Cooper Simmon42ACNC LeagueSt. Mary's Colgan
Adam Blanchat3.58M-ISouth Central Border LeagueArgonia-Attica


Connor Wright88M-IIThree Rivers LeagueChetopa
Blake Bryant68M-IIThree Rivers LeagueChetopa
Dane Whalen32AFlint Hills LeagueOsage City
Robert Vanatta38M-IIThree Rivers LeagueChetopa
Dakota Pease38M-IIThree Rivers LeagueChetopa
Chisolm Woodson2.58M-IILyon County LeagueMarais des Cygnes Valley
Charles Snyder25ACentennial LeagueEmporia
Kyle Obermeyer25ACentennial LeagueEmporia
Willie Kesinger22ANortheast Kansas LeagueMaur Hill-Mt. Academy
Zavier Brandt18M-IITwin Valley LeagueFrankfort
Brody Littrell12AFlint Hills LeagueOsage City
Jerome Ferguson18M-IILyon County LeagueLebo
Cooper Topinka18M-ISouth Central Border LeagueArgonia-Attica
Blake Carter18M-IIThree Rivers LeagueChetopa
Charley Cook18M-IIThree Rivers LeagueChetopa
Nick Nading18M-IIThree Rivers LeagueChetopa
Skyler Higgins15ACentennial LeagueEmporia
Trey Strawder15ACentennial LeagueEmporia
Drew Ranallo16AEastern Kansas LeagueBlue Valley Northwest
EJ Whitfield16ACentennial LeagueManhattan
Caleb Appel15AUnited Kansas ConferenceShawnee Heights
Callan Carver15AUnited Kansas ConferenceShawnee Heights
Dawson Block15AUnited Kansas ConferenceShawnee Heights
Sean Wunder15AUnited Kansas ConferenceShawnee Heights
Darius O'Connell0.56ACentennial LeagueManhattan
Noah Hastert0.58M-IIndependentCair Paravel
Talique Houston0.56ACentennial LeagueManhattan
Maxwell Robinson0.58M-IIndependentCair Paravel


Aiden Gerstner28M-IITwin Valley LeagueFrankfort
Keiondre Smith28M-IISouth Central Border LeagueCaldwell
Conner Harnden28M-ISouth Central Border LeagueArgonia-Attica
Connor Wright28M-IIThree Rivers LeagueChetopa
George Volle18M-IITwin Valley LeagueAxtell
Tylon Ybarra18M-IFlint Hills LeagueChase County
Mitch Budke18M-IFlint Hills LeagueChase County
Hunter Engle18M-ILyon County LeagueMadison
Braden Rayburn18M-ILyon County LeagueMadison
Brome Rayburn18M-ILyon County LeagueMadison
Spencer Coup18M-IWheat State LeagueSolomon
Brady Garrison14AUnited Kansas ConferenceBasehor-Linwood
Dawson Bristor18M-IISouth Central Border LeagueCaldwell
Luke Davies18M-IILyon County LeagueLebo
Blake Goodman18M-ISouth Central Border LeagueArgonia-Attica
Braden Reed18M-IILyon County LeagueMarais des Cygnes Valley
Lance Teal18M-IThree Rivers LeagueOswego
Brody Kannarr12ACNC LeagueSt. Mary's Colgan
Brice Wood12ACNC LeagueSt. Mary's Colgan
Kaden Woydziak15ACentennial LeagueEmporia
Cody Powell15AFrontier LeagueSpring Hill
Drew Ranallo16AEastern Kansas LeagueBlue Valley Northwest
Sebastian Meriano16AEastern Kansas LeagueBlue Valley Northwest
Jacquez Coleman18M-IIThree Rivers LeagueColony-Crest
Marcus Jones15AUnited Kansas ConferenceShawnee Heights
Diego Ruiz15AUnited Kansas ConferenceShawnee Heights


Chisolm Woodson48M-IILyon County LeagueMarais des Cygnes Valley
Ziwaun White25AUnited Kansas ConferenceShawnee Heights
Brayden Pierce18M-ISouth Central Border LeagueArgonia-Attica
Coady Blick18M-ISouth Central Border LeagueArgonia-Attica
Dawson Bristor18M-IISouth Central Border LeagueCaldwell
Derek Wallin11AMid-East LeagueWabaunsee
Caleb Hamilton12ACNC LeagueSt. Mary's Colgan
Jacob Myers15AUnited Kansas ConferenceShawnee Heights
Jayden Berry15AUnited Kansas ConferenceShawnee Heights
Jeremiah Smith15AUnited Kansas ConferenceShawnee Heights
Dawson Block15AUnited Kansas ConferenceShawnee Heights
Sean Sunder15AUnited Kansas ConferenceShawnee Heights

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