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Blue Comets Take 4-2 Win in Riverton

Blue Comets Take 4-2 Win in Riverton

On Thursday, the Riverton Rams hosted the Chanute Blue Comets. Chanute took the 4-2 win behind goals from senior Lawson Collins, junior Miguel Ayuso, and sophomores Gregory Lopez and Kaia Barkman.

“First half went really, really well. We did almost everything right, we played in space, we played quickly with our touches, we fed the right people at the right times, we set each other up for a lot of goals,” Chanute’s head coach Adam Wilcox said.

The first half was played mostly in Chanute’s possession. They kept the ball on their offensive side of the field and saw multiple opportunities to score. The Blue Comets finally cashed in in the 17th minute, when Lopez scored his goal. This put Chanute up 1-0 and put Lopez up to six goals on the season.

Barkman turned around and nearly immediately scored her goal off of an assist from Lopez. This was her first goal of the season, putting the Comets up 2-0 only 18 minutes into the game. Ten minutes later, Ayuso tacked in another goal for Chanute, extending the lead to 3-0 and his season total to four goals.

The last goal of the half came in the 37th minute. Collins attempted to make a pass but the ball deflected off of a Ram defender into the net for an own-goal. Since the goal was technically scored as Collins’s that makes it his first goal of the year. Chateau leads 4-0 at halftime.

That would remain the score for the next 33 minutes of play. Chanute senior Jacob Guernsey fouled a Riverton player inside the goal box, giving Riverton a penalty kick. Riverton’s Kenzie Houser would put in the goal to make the game 4-1. The same would happen three minutes later, this time with Guernsey getting a yellow card. Although the goal went in, a Riverton player lined up illegally so the goal did not count. Finally, (and you won’t believe this) three minutes later, the Rams got another PK and Houser made it to make the final score 2-0.

In the closing second of the contest, Chanute senior Andrea Cuin would go down with an apparent knee injury. After she made it off the field and was checked out, it appeared as if her kneecap was the root of the injury and her ACL and MCL were in tact.

“Her kneecap slid out of place when she was making a run back on defense. It’s not a serious long-term injury. She’ll definitely miss tomorrow. She’ll miss Monday’s game. She’s hopeful for next Thursday, but that’ll just have to be a pain level thing for her,” Wilcox said “She’s probably going to go get it checked out tomorrow and she’ll probably get an MRI to see if there is anything kind of behind that kneecap that got damaged.”

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