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“Queens of the Court”: Eastern Kansas Volleyball Season Stat Leaders Through 9/20/20

“Queens of the Court”: Eastern Kansas Volleyball Season Stat Leaders Through 9/20/20

Here are the season stat leaders from volleyball for the Eastern Kansas Sports coverage area after week 3. We cover 166 total schools, including 19 leagues.

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Stats are sent to us from coaches. We take the leader from each team for the following stats and compare them to others in the coverage area.

VISITORS – The tables can be sorted by NAME, SCHOOL, LEAGUE. CLASSIFICATION, and STAT NUMBER. Hold SHIFT to sort by multiple columns.

COACHES – you can submit your team’s stats to .

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*Gardner-Edgerton just began their season this week


Sam Ingram525ACentennial LeagueTopeka Seaman
Erin Hueske481ATwin Valley LeagueCentralia
Emma Berry453ACNC LeagueRiverton
BreAnn Miesner363AMid-East LeagueRiley County
Ashtyn Kulp343AMid-East LeagueRiley County
Kirstyn Murrow273ATri-Valley LeagueHumboldt
Alyssa Kern271ATwin Valley LeagueWashington County
Becca Sprague244APioneer LeagueIola
Britney Schroer232AFlint Hills LeagueChase County
Kristen Stover233ATri-Valley LeagueNeodesha
Emily Langley223ANortheast Kansas LeaguePleasant Ridge
Anna Dean224ASEK LeagueLabette County
Taylor Damme223ABig 7 ConferencePerry-Lecompton
Halle Rutschman211AWheat State LeagueHerington
Kaylee Simpson212AFlint Hills LeagueChase County
Claire Bradshaw211AThree Rivers LeagueChetopa
Felicity Worsham203ANortheast Kansas LeaguePleasant Ridge
Alexus Swenson201AWheat State LeagueElyria Christian
Dyllan Kemper203ATri-Valley LeagueNeodesha
Sami Randall193AFlint Hills LeagueWest Franklin
Amy Smith193ATri-Valley LeagueNeodesha
Sydney Snowden173ANortheast Kansas LeagueMaur Hill-Mt. Academy
Eden Punches173AFlint Hills LeagueOsage City
Morgan Harvey173ABig 7 ConferenceRoyal Valley
Ainsley Corwine163AFlint Hills LeagueWest Franklin
Madison Brannin164ASEK LeagueLabette County
Ivy Fink163ABig 7 ConferenceRoyal Valley
Jenna Walters153AFlint Hills LeagueWest Franklin
Madalyn Ehlers156ASunflower LeagueOlathe West
Callie Lane143AFlint Hills LeagueOsage City
Nellie LaFountain133AFlint Hills LeagueWest Franklin
Kamryn Farris135AUnited Kansas ConferenceLansing
Bri Stokes132AThree Rivers LeagueUniontown
Kirsten Evans114AFrontier LeagueOttawa
Fisayo Afonja104AFrontier LeagueBaldwin
Taylin Kirkpatrick103AFlint Hills LeagueOsage City
Darby Weidl104AFrontier LeagueOttawa
Alex Coopman103AFlint Hills LeagueWest Franklin
Evie Scoles93ATri-Valley LeagueCaney Valley
Natalie Jenkins93ATri-Valley LeagueFredonia
Jaylyne Bell66ASunflower LeagueGardner-Edgerton


Kirsten Evans2874AFrontier LeagueOttawa
Emma Berry2833ACNC LeagueRiverton
Caitlin Bishop2525AUnited Kansas ConferenceLansing
Shelbi Wilson2294ASEK LeagueLabette County
Ainsley Corwine2033AFlint Hills LeagueWest Franklin
Avery mars1951ATwin Valley LeagueCentralia
Emma Mckinsey1923ABig 7 ConferenceRoyal Valley
Katie Carter1731AThree Rivers LeagueChetopa
Drew Baxter1645ACentennial LeagueTopeka Seaman
Malia DuLac1633ANortheast Kansas LeagueMaur Hill-Mt. Academy
Kelsi Ko1633ANortheast Kansas LeaguePleasant Ridge
Kirstyn Murrow1603ATri-Valley LeagueHumboldt
Jess Kulp1353AMid-East LeagueRiley County
Farrah Fleshman1303AMid-East LeagueRiley County
Sophie Baker1294AFrontier LeagueBaldwin
Lena Haverkamp1201ATwin Valley LeagueCentralia
Kortney Potter1181AWheat State LeagueElyria Christian
Tristyn Kremeier1171AWheat State LeagueHerington
Mia Cardenas1161ATwin Valley LeagueWashington County
Gabbriella Watkins1023ANortheast Kansas LeaguePleasant Ridge
Laney Finazzo1026ASunflower LeagueOlathe West
Chaynee Johnson1013ATri-Valley LeagueNeodesha
Kaylee Simpson952AFlint Hills LeagueChase County
Kendra Wait896ASunflower LeagueGardner-Edgerton
Emma Grossoehme844AFrontier LeagueBaldwin
Cameron Stover813ATri-Valley LeagueNeodesha
Britney Schroer762AFlint Hills LeagueChase County
Ally Miller743ATri-Valley LeagueCaney Valley
Brooke Metcalfe693ABig 7 ConferencePerry-Lecompton
Callie Lane643AFlint Hills LeagueOsage City
Ashlyn Shields463ATri-Valley LeagueFredonia
Bri Stokes412AThree Rivers LeagueUniontown


Katy Hurd383ABig 7 ConferencePerry-Lecompton
Jay Thomasson353ACNC LeagueRiverton
Molly Olmsted304AFrontier LeagueOttawa
Josey Harris291AThree Rivers LeagueChetopa
Lexie Burke286ASunflower LeagueOlathe West
Elise Doherty271AThree Rivers LeagueChetopa
BreAnn Miesner223AMid-East LeagueRiley County
Jasmine Renyer204AFrontier LeagueBaldwin
Fisayo Afonja204AFrontier LeagueBaldwin
Jessica Myers203ATri-Valley LeagueHumboldt
Anna Dean174ASEK LeagueLabette County
Kirsten Evans164AFrontier LeagueOttawa
Lauryn Holloway164APioneer LeagueIola
Kaylee Simpson162AFlint Hills LeagueChase County
Kristen Stover153ATri-Valley LeagueNeodesha
Emma Alt131AWheat State LeagueHerington
Kylee Penner131AWheat State LeagueElyria Christian
Campbell Stark123AFlint Hills LeagueOsage City
Felicity Worsham123ANortheast Kansas LeaguePleasant Ridge
Kendra Wait116ASunflower LeagueGardner-Edgerton
Camryn Turner10.55ACentennial LeagueTopeka Seaman
Emily Langley103ANortheast Kansas LeaguePleasant Ridge
Allison Swank103AFlint Hills LeagueWest Franklin
Lyannah Jackson95AUnited Kansas ConferenceLansing
Ally Miller93ATri-Valley LeagueCaney Valley
Jordan Boone96ASunflower LeagueGardner-Edgerton
Emma Mckinsey83ABig 7 ConferenceRoyal Valley
Danielle Howard82AThree Rivers LeagueUniontown
Kiersten Markos86ASunflower LeagueGardner-Edgerton
Bri Boykin71ATwin Valley LeagueWashington County
Sage Hawley63ATri-Valley LeagueFredonia
Emily Beien63ANortheast Kansas LeagueMaur Hill-Mt. Academy
Hannah Kocour63ANortheast Kansas LeagueMaur Hill-Mt. Academy
Gwen Fry52AThree Rivers LeagueUniontown


Baily Ko1623ANortheast Kansas LeaguePleasant Ridge
Aiden Holt1542AThree Rivers LeagueUniontown
Kelsey Theis1443ANortheast Kansas LeaguePleasant Ridge
Brooklyn Chase1394AFrontier LeagueBaldwin
Blair Taylor1363ANortheast Kansas LeagueMaur Hill-Mt. Academy
Darby Weidl1294AFrontier LeagueOttawa
Riley Dusin1291ATwin Valley LeagueWashington County
Britney Schroer1282AFlint Hills LeagueChase County
Camryn Turner1235ACentennial LeagueTopeka Seaman
Brylee Potter1232AFlint Hills LeagueChase County
Ashtyn Kulp1213AMid-East LeagueRiley County
Laynee Brown1205ACentennial LeagueTopeka Seaman
Cameron Stover1183ATri-Valley LeagueNeodesha
Adele March1163AMid-East LeagueRiley County
Amy Smith1153ATri-Valley LeagueNeodesha
Kayla Greer1073ACNC LeagueRiverton
Kamryn Farris1055AUnited Kansas ConferenceLansing
Daniela Kozacova1024AFrontier LeagueBaldwin
Eden Punches1023AFlint Hills LeagueOsage City
Becca Sprague1014APioneer LeagueIola
Halle Rutschman941AWheat State LeagueHerington
Anna Dean914ASEK LeagueLabette County
Sami randall893AFlint Hills LeagueWest Franklin
Skylar Weaver885AUnited Kansas ConferenceLansing
Lena Haverkamp761ATwin Valley LeagueCentralia
Karsyn Stewart694ASEK LeagueLabette County
Morgan Harvey683ABig 7 ConferenceRoyal Valley
Mackenzie Moburg665AUnited Kansas ConferenceLansing
Ava Testrake646ASunflower LeagueOlathe West
Avery Deters601ATwin Valley LeagueCentralia
Ivy Fink553ABig 7 ConferenceRoyal Valley
Abbie Flentie531ATwin Valley LeagueCentralia
Jada Dangerfield523ATri-Valley LeagueHumboldt
Kendra Wait456ASunflower LeagueGardner-Edgerton
Ava Bojanski436ASunflower LeagueGardner-Edgerton
Ryland Hawkinson421AWheat State LeagueElyria Christian
Erin Michael426ASunflower LeagueGardner-Edgerton
Natalie Jenkins353ATri-Valley LeagueFredonia
Gracie Gonzalez223ABig 7 ConferencePerry-Lecompton
Amyiah Rupert213ATri-Valley LeagueCaney Valley


Jacy Thomasson1873ACNC LeagueRiverton
Darby Weidl1244AFrontier LeagueOttawa
Camryn Turner1215ACentennial LeagueTopeka Seaman
Oliva Mae VanDerWerff1165AUnited Kansas ConferenceLansing
Ashtyn Kulp1063AMid-East LeagueRiley County
Ivy Fink1053ABig 7 ConferenceRoyal Valley
Carrie Roe961AWheat State LeagueHerington
Kaylee Simpson952AFlint Hills LeagueChase County
Brali Conard891AThree Rivers LeagueChetopa
Camryn Boykin861ATwin Valley LeagueWashington County
Kristen Stover853ATri-Valley LeagueNeodesha
Jessica Myers843ATri-Valley LeagueHumboldt
Elise Doherty811AThree Rivers LeagueChetopa
Anna Dean744ASEK LeagueLabette County
Alex Coopman713AFlint Hills LeagueWest Franklin
Claire Bradshaw701AThree Rivers LeagueChetopa
Emma Schwinn693ANortheast Kansas LeaguePleasant Ridge
Emily Langley643ANortheast Kansas LeaguePleasant Ridge
Felicity Worsham633ANortheast Kansas LeaguePleasant Ridge
Becca Sprague634APioneer LeagueIola
Morgan Harvey623ABig 7 ConferenceRoyal Valley
Sydney Snowden613ANortheast Kansas LeagueMaur Hill-Mt. Academy
Jayden Brandt605ACentennial LeagueTopeka Seaman
Chaney Barth574AFrontier LeagueBaldwin
Kelsey Theis573ANortheast Kansas LeaguePleasant Ridge
Nellie LaFountain563AFlint Hills LeagueWest Franklin
Katy Hurd563ABig 7 ConferencePerry-Lecompton
Chaynee Johnson563ATri-Valley LeagueNeodesha
Fisayo Afonja544AFrontier LeagueBaldwin
Lyannah Jackson545AUnited Kansas ConferenceLansing
Jaylyne Bell516ASunflower LeagueGardner-Edgerton
Allyson Baker503ABig 7 ConferencePerry-Lecompton
Madison Brannin484ASEK LeagueLabette County
Ava Testrake466ASunflower LeagueOlathe West
Campbell Stark453AFlint Hills LeagueOsage City
Evie Scoles443ATri-Valley LeagueCaney Valley
Ryland Hawkinson421AWheat State LeagueElyria Christian
Danielle Howard342AThree Rivers LeagueUniontown
Sage Hawley273ATri-Valley LeagueFredonia

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