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EKS Volleyball Saturday Recap – 9/19/20

EKS Volleyball Saturday Recap – 9/19/20

Thank you to all the Eastern Kansas high school volleyball coaches who submitted their results.

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Frontenac def Erie 2-0
Fort Scott def Jayhawk-Linn 2-0
Frontenac def Jayhawk-Linn 2-0
Fort Scott def Erie 2-1
Erie def Jayhawk-Linn 2-0
Frontenac def Fort Scott 2-0
Chanute def Parsons 2-0
Girard def Neodesha 2-0
Chanute def Girard 2-1
Neodesha def Parsons 2-0
Girard def Parsons 2-0
Chanute def Neodesha 2-0

Frontenac def Girard 2-1
Fort Scott def Chanute 2-1

Frontenac def Fort Scott 2-0

3rd Place
Girard def Chanute 2-0

5th Place
Erie def Neodesha 2-0

7th Place
Jayhawk-Linn def Parsons 2-0


Humboldt def Crest 2-0
Central Heights def Crest 2-1
Royal Valley def Humboldt 2-1
Pleasanton def Yates Center 2-0
Royal Valley def Crest 2-0
Humboldt def Central Heights 2-0
Marmaton Valley def Yates Center 2-1
Royal Valley def Humboldt 2-0
Crest def Central Heights 2-0
Yates Center def Altoona-Midway 2-0
Yates Center def Altoona-Midway 2-0

Humboldt head coach Terry Meadows said, “Our girls played some of their best volleyball today.  Playing the #1 team in 3A was a great opportunity to get better.  Our back row played awesome.  Brooklyn, Kirsten, Jada, and Jessica got a ton of balls up!  We are really starting to put it all together and play some good volleyball.”

Crest head coach Abigail Hermreck said, “We played well against the number one team in 3A. It was very inspiring to see! We played very relaxed, communicated, and played well together. The girls were very pumped even though we lost. I believe this gave us a boost of confidence going into the last match of the day. We beat Central Heights 25-10, 25-19. It was nice to end the day on a win. I was very proud of the girls.”


Eureka def Douglas 2-0
Marion def Eureka 2-0
Eureka def Center 2-0
Halstead def Eureka 2-1


West Elk def Southeast 2-0
Oswego def Southeast 2-0
Southeast def Columbus 2-0
Northeast def Southeast 2-1

Southeast head coach Maya White said, “We were down to 7 players today and we had girls playing in new positions. It was good seeing players stepping up to play today. But we just need to do it consistently. We are continuing to make steps in the right direction but we need to do it quicker. Our communication and mental focus are some of the biggest things we need to fix. Luckily those are all in our control. So hopefully it will happen soon. I think it will. I know the girls are not satisfied with the way we are playing. I know that we will fix it. It will take work. But I think we are ready to make the mental change to fix it.”

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