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EKS Volleyball Saturday Recap – 9/12/20

EKS Volleyball Saturday Recap – 9/12/20

Thank you to all the Eastern Kansas high school volleyball coaches who submitted their results.

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Paola def LCHS 2-1
LCHS def Burlington 2-1
Anderson County def LCHS 2-1
LCHS def Burlington 2-1

LCHS head coach Heather Wilson said, “Not the perfect outing we were hoping for this weekend, but we know we were competitive in every single set we played.  We won the first set in 3 of the 4 games, but then played 3 sets against every opponent. That tells me we are simply inconsistent.  The girls and I will figure out why we are having such highs and lows and ultimately become a better volleyball team.”


Bonner Springs def Heritage Christian 2-0
Wellsville def Topeka-Hayden 2-1
Bonner Springs def Topeka-Hayden 2-0
Heritage Christian def Wellsville 2-0
Bonner Springs def Wellsville 2-0
Heritage Christian def Topeka-Hayden 2-1


Sabetha def Rock Creek 2-0
Sabetha def Horton 2-0
Sabetha def Hiawatha 2-1
Sabetha def Marysville 2-1
Hiawatha def Rock Creek 2-1
Hiawatha def Horton 2-0
Marysville def Hiawatha 2-1
ACCHS def Riverside 2-1
Pleasant Ridge def Riverside 2-0
Atchison def Riverside 2-1


Eureka def Independence 3-0
Eureka def Independence 2-0
Eureka def Madison 2-0
Eureka def Fredonia 2-0


Chase County def Hartford 2-0
Chase County def Flinthills 2-1
Chase County def Altoona Midway 2-0


Washington County (1st Place)
def Manhattan Cheif 2-0
def Frankfort 2-0
def Jackson Heights 2-1
def Onaga 2-0
def Wetmore 2-0

Jackson Heights (2nd Place)
def Manhattan Chief 2-0
def Frankfort 2-0
def Onaga 2-0
lost Washington Co 0-2
def Wetmore 2-0

Frankfort (3rd Place)
def Manhattan Chief 2-0
lost Jackson Heights 0-2
def Onaga 2-0
lost Washington County 0-2
lost Wetmore 1-2

Manhattan Chief
lost Frankfort 0-2
lost Jackson Heights 1-2
def Onaga 2-0
lost Washington County 0-2
def Wetmore 2-1

lost Manhattan Chief 1-2
def Frankfort 2-1
lost Jackson Heights 0-2
def Onaga 2-0
lost Washington County 0-2

lost Manhattan Chief 0-2
lost Frankfort 0-2
lost Jackson Heights 0-2
lost Washington county 0-2
lost Wetmore 0-2


Frontenac def Galena 2-1
Frontenac def Columbus 2-0
Frontenac def Fort Scott 2-0
Frontenac def Pierce City 2-0


Goessel Site

Goessel def Moundridge 2-1
Central Christian def Burrton 2-0
Goessel def Burrton 2-0
Moundridge def Central Christian 2-0
Goessel def Central Christian 2-0
Moundridge def Burrton 2-0

1st Place – Moundridge def Goessel 2-0
3rd Place – Central Christian def Burrton 2-0

Canton-Galva Site

Sedgwick def Canton-Galve 2-0
Halstead def Wichita-Independent 2-0
Halstead def Canton-Galva 2-0
Sedgwick def Wichita-Independent 2-0
Wichita-Independent def Canton-Galve 2-0
Sedgwick def Halstead 2-0

1st Place – Sedgwick def Halstead 2-0
3rd Place – Wichita-Independence def Canton-Galva

Canton-Galva head coach Cloe Hedlund said, “We faced some great competition today, all the teams we played were very competitive and well coached.  We improved throughout the day and had some great moments.  In the end, we couldn’t keep our offense in system and that kept us on the defensive side of the ball most of the matches.  It is great to see quicker offenses this early in the season and we will continue to work to improve on reading that better.  We played hard and I am proud of the team.  If we work as a team, we have some amazing moments.  We will continue to work on getting more of those moments more consistently throughout the matches we play. “


Riverton def. Prairie View 2-0
Parsons def. Iola 2-1
Riverton def Iola 2-1
Prairie View def Parsons 2-0
Riverton def Parsons 2-0
Iola def Prairie View 2-0
Riverton def. Prairie View 2-0

Riverton head coach Rebecca Lipasek said, “We were a bit sluggish today and ball control wasn’t as sharp, but we battled through it and came away with four victories.  There are times when we have three freshman and two sophomores on the court at the same time, so as a coach it is both exciting and terrifying.”


De Soto def Louisburg 2-1
De Soto def Basehor-Linwood 2-1
Topeka-Seaman def De Soto 2-0
Topeka-Seaman def Louisburg 2-0
Louisburg def Basehor-Linwood 2-1


Holton def St. Marys 2-1
Riley County def Holton 2-0
Riley County def Jefferson County North 2-0
Jefferson County North def Holton 2-0
Jefferson County North def St. Mary’s 2-0
Jefferson County North def Riley County 2-0
Holton def St. Marys 2-0


Elyria Christian def Tescott 2-1
Elyria Christian def Peabody 2-0
Elyria Christian def Rock Hills 2-0

Elyria Christian head coach Jayme Gardner said, “Our intensity let down a little bit for this game. We had sat for about 2 hours and it took us a bit to get back into playing our game. In the second set, the girls got down a bit and had to fight their way back. Today they showed what it meant to be a team and that mixed with desire and perseverance did them well. “

Solomon def Wakefield 2-0
Rock Hills def Solomon 2-0
Solomon def Tescott 2-0

Solomon head coach Micala Anderson said, “Senior Emma Seidl led the team with 17 kills & 5 aces, Junior Kamryn Kugler followed close behind with 14 kills & 3 blocks. It was an all around team effort with great contributions from Senior, Elizabeth Ledet with 11 kills, Junior Tyra Thompson with 10 kills, Senior Libero Trenity Anderson with 25 digs & both setters Senior Rachel Hagen having 30 assists & Junior Reaghan Shirack having 33 assists. The Gorillas overcame some obstacles through out the day as a team & keep improving every game.”

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