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“Beasts of the East”: Eastern Kansas Football Week 2 Stat Leaders

“Beasts of the East”: Eastern Kansas Football Week 2 Stat Leaders

Here are the week 2 offensive and defensive stat leaders for the Eastern Kansas Sports coverage area of the Kansas high school football season. We cover 166 total schools, including 19 leagues.

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These tables include the leaders in the stat category listed below. That stat information is obtained from boxscores and/or sent to us from the team’s coach.


COACHES – you can submit your team’s stats to .


Passing Yards (minimum 100 yards)

Carter Brian4258M-IIndependentCair Paravel
Isaac Stanton3724AUnited Kansas ConferenceBasehor-Linwood
Conner Holle2323AMid-East LeagueRiley County
Eddie McLaughlin2275AUnited Kansas ConferenceLeavenworth
Evan Young2158M-ILyon County LeagueBurlingame
Cole Criss1868M-ISouth Central Border LeagueCedar Vale/Dexter
Cole Lacey1678M-IILyon County LeagueMarais des Cygnes Valley
Hunter Wohler1645AUnited Kansas ConferenceShawnee Heights
Dylan Cervantez1558M-INortheast Kansas LeagueValley Falls
Caden Duggan1508M-IIThree Rivers LeagueChetopa
Chet Linn1343ATri-Valley LeagueCherryvale
Dakota Burritt1334AEastern Kansas LeagueSt. James Academy
Blake Fowler1291ANortheast Kansas LeagueJefferson County North
Noah McCuloough1264AFrontier LeagueOttawa
Cade Oliver1191AMid-East LeagueWabaunsee
Foster1178M-IILyon County LeagueWaverly
Devan McEwen1118M-IILyon County LeagueLebo

Passing Touchdowns

Carter Brian98M-IIndependentCara Paravel
Isaac Stanton64AUnited Kansas ConferenceBasehor-Linwood
Cole Lacey58M-IILyon County LeagueMarais des Cygnes Valley
Isaac Detweiler48M-IITwin Valley LeagueAxtell
Gavin Cornelison48M-IITwin Valley LeagueFrankfort
Cole Criss48M-ISouth Central Border LeagueCedar Vale/Dexter
Ethan Houk43ASEK LeagueParsons
Evan Young38M-ILyon County LeagueBurlingame
Eddie McLaughlin35AUnited Kansas ConferenceLeavenworth
Devan McEwen38M-IILyon County LeagueLebo
Conner Holle33AMid-East LeagueRiley County
Dylan Cervantez38M-INortheast Kansas LeagueValley Falls
Blake Fowler31ANortheast Kansas LeagueJefferson County North
Xander Newberry28M-ISouth Central Border LeagueArgonia-Attica
Chet Linn23ATri-Valley LeagueCherryvale
Jackson Knight23ATri-Valley LeagueCherryvale
Caden Duggan28M-IIThree Rivers LeagueChetopa
Darian Massey21AFlint Hills LeagueLyndon
Hunter Wohler25AUnited Kansas ConferenceShawnee Heights
Cale Milleson25ACentennial LeagueEmporia
Jacquez Coleman28M-IIThree Rivers LeagueColony-Crest
Dawson Troth11AThree Rivers LeagueNortheast
Lance Teal18M-IThree Rivers LeagueOswego
Foster18M-IILyon County LeagueWaverly
Jax Haraughty13ACNC LeagueColumbus
Noah McCuloough14AFrontier LeagueOttawa
Cameron Beardsley11ATwin Valley LeagueValley Heights

Rushing Yards (minimum 100 yards)

Domenico Bevilacqua2572ACNC LeagueSt. Mary's Colgan
Keiondre Smith2568M-IISouth Central Border LeagueCaldwell
Andrew Schwinn2362ANortheast Kansas LeagueOskaloosa
Braden Sloyer2003APioneer LeagueBurlington
Brogan Myers1918M-ISouth Central Border LeagueCedar Vale/Dexter
Jake Yungeberg1851ATwin Valley LeagueValley Heights
Karter Dugan1841AThree Rivers LeagueNortheast
Jake Hutchinson1848M-IThree Rivers LeagueOswego
Wyatt Ledom1788M-ILyon County LeagueBurlingame
Adam Callahan1673AFrontier LeagueBaldwin
Trenton L'Ecuyer1601ATwin Valley LeagueValley Heights
Zaden Hendricks1562AThree Rivers LeagueSoutheast
Colton Tiffany1541AFlint Hills LeagueNorthern Heights
Otis Jacobs1523APioneer LeaguePrairie View
Ross Duncan1443ABig 7 ConferenceSabetha
Devin Sawyer1423ATri-Valley LeagueCherryvale
Jude Stow1378M-IISouth Central Border LeagueCaldwell
James Jarrett III1363AIndependentBishop Ward
Dakota Barber1338M-IITwin Valley LeagueAxtell
Gavin Page1302ATri-Valley LeagueHumboldt
Blake Goodman1288M-ISouth Central Border LeagueArgonia-Attica
Gabe Martin1253ACNC LeagueColumbus
Blaise Dawson1222ACNC LeagueSt. Mary's Colgan
Gavin Price1153APioneer LeagueBurlington
Nic Allen1153AMid-East LeagueRiley County
Cullen Mutz1092AThree Rivers LeagueSoutheast
Luke Detwiler1071AFlint Hills LeagueLyndon
La'James White1074AEastern Kansas LeagueSt. James Academy
Cade Norris1018M-INortheast Kansas LeagueValley Falls
Canon Karn1013ABig 7 ConferenceHolton

Rushing Touchdowns

Keiondre Smith68M-IISouth Central Border LeagueCaldwell
Wyatt Ledom58M-ILyon County LeagueBurlingame
Blake Goodman48M-ISouth Central Border LeagueArgonia-Attica
Luke Detwiler41AFlint Hills LeagueLyndon
Trent Spiker48M-ITwin Valley LeagueDoniphan West
T. L'Ecuyer41ATwin Valley LeagueValley Heights
James Jarrett III33AIndependentBishop Ward
Devin Sawyer33ATri-Valley LeagueCherryvale
Colton Tiffany31AFlint Hills LeagueNorthern Heights
Andrew Schwinn32ANortheast Kansas LeagueOskaloosa
Jace Landes38M-IThree Rivers LeagueOswego
Dominico Bevilacqua32ACNC LeagueSt. Mary's Colgan
Adam Callahan33AFrontier LeagueBaldwin
Dakota Barber28M-IITwin Valley LeagueAxtell
Zach Sisemore24AUnited Kansas ConferenceBasehor-Linwood
Gavin Price23APioneer LeagueBurlington
Braden Sloyer23APioneer LeagueBurlington
Gavin Cornelison28M-IITwin Valley LeagueFrankfort
Keenan Brown25AUnited Kansas ConferenceLeavenworth
Kyle Reese28M-IILyon County LeagueLebo
Justice Dunbar22AFlint Hills LeagueMission Valley
Nic Allen23AMid-East LeagueRiley County
Kaden Dillon23ABig 7 ConferenceSabetha
Foster28M-IILyon County LeagueWaverly
Lehmann28M-IILyon County LeagueWaverly
Cade Norris28M-INortheast Kansas LeagueValley Falls
Konnor Tannahill23ABig 7 ConferenceHolton
Slater Skaggs23ABig 7 ConferenceHolton
Landon Gutschenritter21ANortheast Kansas LeagueJefferson County North
Zaden Hendricks22AThree Rivers LeagueSoutheast
Cullen Mutz22AThree Rivers LeagueSoutheast
Gavin Page22ATri-Valley LeagueHumboldt
Brock Griffin18M-IFlint Hills LeagueChase County
Blake Carter18M-IIThree Rivers LeagueChetopa
Ryan Baker18M-IILyon County LeagueMarais des Cygnes Valley
Karter Dugan11AThree Rivers LeagueNortheast
Kobe Davis12ABig 7 ConferenceRiverside
Cooper Wolf18M-IISouth Central Border LeagueSouth Haven
Blaise Dawson12ACNC LeagueSt. Mary's Colgan
Kiser Wiatrak18M-IIThree Rivers LeagueSt. Paul
Hunter Wohler15AUnited Kansas ConferenceShawnee Heights
Bobby Trujillo15ACentennial LeagueEmporia
Cole Criss18M-ISouth Central Border LeagueCedar Vale/Dexter
Stratton McGhee18M-IIThree Rivers LeagueColony-Crest
Holden Barker18M-IIThree Rivers LeagueColony-Crest
Jacquez Coleman18M-IIThree Rivers LeagueColony-Crest
Ethan Godderz18M-IIThree Rivers LeagueColony-Crest
Solomon Taylor18M-IIThree Rivers LeagueColony-Crest
Noah McCuloough14AFrontier LeagueOttawa

Receiving Yards (minimum 100 yards)

Jordan Brown2524AUnited Kansas ConferenceBasehor-Linwood
Tanner Barcus2243ASEK LeagueParsons
Wyatt Lingenfelter1368M-IILyon County LeagueMarais des Cygnes Valley
Dakota Pease1308M-IIThree Rivers LeagueChetopa
Ethan Kuder1208M-IIndependentCara Paravel
Avery Holle1122ABig 7 ConferenceRiverside
Maxwell Robinson1128M-IIndependentCara Paravel
Dion Sylvester1103ASEK LeagueParsons
Austin Tyson1068M-ILyon County LeagueBurlingame

Receiving Touchdowns

Jordan Brown44AUnited Kansas ConferenceBasehor-Linwood
Wyatt Lingenfelter38M-IILyon County LeagueMarais des Cygnes Valley
Si Killman38M-ISouth Central Border LeagueCedar Vale/Dexter
Maxwell Robinson38M-IIndependentCara Paravel
Noah Hastert38M-IIndependentCara Paravel
Kyler Anschutz28M-IILyon County LeagueMarais des Cygnes Valley
Noah Phillips28M-ISouth Central Border LeagueArgonia-Attica
Mitchell Buessing28M-IITwin Valley LeagueAxtell
Dakota Pease28M-IIThree Rivers LeagueChetopa
Bryce Stowell28M-IITwin Valley LeagueFrankfort
Alexander Finn25AUnited Kansas ConferenceLeavenworth
Kyle Reese28M-IILyon County LeagueLebo
Avery Holle23AMid-East LeagueRiley County
Cade Norris28M-INortheast Kansas LeagueValley Falls
Dion Sylvester23ASEK LeagueParsons
Tanner Barcus23ASEK LeagueParsons
Trey Sommer22ATri-Valley LeagueHumboldt
Austin Tyson18M-ILyon County LeagueBurlingame
Wyatt Ledom18M-ILyon County LeagueBurlingame
Garrett Robison18M-ILyon County LeagueBurlingame
Keaton Marcotte12AFlint Hills LeagueMission Valley
Garrett Howell18M-IISouth Central Border LeagueSouth Haven
Bartley18M-IILyon County LeagueWaverly
Gabe Martin13ACNC LeagueColumbus
Brent Showwalter15AUnited Kansas ConferenceShawnee Heights
Harvey Davis Jr.15AUnited Kansas ConferenceShawnee Heights
Camden Kirmer15ACentennial LeagueEmporia
Charles Snyder15ACentennial LeagueEmporia
Daniel Knapp15ACentennial LeagueEmporia
Zach Theis13APioneer LeaguePrairie View
Zaden Hendricks12AThree Rivers LeagueSoutheast
Trayton Claycamp11ATwin Valley LeagueValley Heights



Dakota Pease178M-IIThree Rivers LeagueChetopa
Dawson Block165AUnited Kansas ConferenceShawnee Heights
Bobby Trujillo155ACentennial LeagueEmporia
Cade Kellstadt142AThree Rivers LeagueJayhawk Linn
Austin Tyson138M-ILyon County LeagueBurlingame
Taylor Schroeder123AMid-East LeagueRiley County
Mayson Mills118M-IThree Rivers LeagueOswego
Foster108M-IILyon County LeagueWaverly
Cade Norris108M-INortheast Kansas LeagueValley Falls
Cody Medlen9.51AFlint Hills LeagueNorthern Heights
Adam Callahan9.53AFrontier LeagueBaldwin
Derek Wallin91AMid-East LeagueWabaunsee
Jace Reves91AMid-East LeagueWabaunsee
Maverick Havenstein91AMid-East LeagueWabaunsee
Ethan Godderz98M-IIThree Rivers LeagueColony-Crest
Aidan Ingram84AUnited Kansas ConferenceBasehor-Linwood
Kyle Reese88M-IILyon County LeagueLebo
Jack Gossman84AEastern Kansas LeagueSt. James Academy
Hunter Smith88M-ITwin Valley LeagueDoniphan West
Penner Unruh7.58M-IIndependentCara Paravel
Xander Newberry78M-ISouth Central Border LeagueArgonia-Attica
Justice Dunbar72AFlint Hills LeagueMission Valley
Isaac Jirak78M-ISouth Central Border LeagueUdall
Wyatt Lingenfelter78M-IILyon County LeagueMarais des Cygnes Valley
Chrisolm Woodson78M-IILyon County LeagueMarais des Cygnes Valley
Cameron Beardsley71ATwin Valley LeagueValley Heights
Maxwell Robinson78M-IIndependentCara Paravel
Max Columbo78M-IIndependentCara Paravel
Trayce Slocum6.52ATri-Valley LeagueHumboldt
Maddox Johnson62ATri-Valley LeagueHumboldt
Dakota Slocum62ATri-Valley LeagueHumboldt
Dakota Barber5.58M-IITwin Valley LeagueAxtell
George Volle5.58M-IITwin Valley LeagueAxtell
Justin Ronnebaum5.58M-IITwin Valley LeagueAxtell
Ethan Starrett53ATri-Valley LeagueCherryvale
River Kaufman52ATri-Valley LeagueHumboldt


Justice Dunbar32AFlint Hills LeagueMission Valley
Seth Drouhard28M-ISouth Central Border LeagueArgonia-Attica
Noah Phillips28M-ISouth Central Border LeagueArgonia-Attica
Korin Koenig23AMid-East LeagueRiley County
Cade Norris28M-INortheast Kansas LeagueValley Falls
Trenton Kraxner28M-INortheast Kansas LeagueValley Falls
Dakota Slocum22ATri-Valley LeagueHumboldt
Tyler Lohmeyer11AMid-East LeagueWabaunsee
Richard Schmidt14AEastern Kansas LeagueSt. James Academy
Garrett Howell18M-IISouth Central Border LeagueSouth Haven
Dakota Pease18M-IIThree Rivers LeagueChetopa
Ethan Starrett13ATri-Valley LeagueCherryvale
Trenton Monroy13ATri-Valley LeagueCherryvale
Bradlee Morris13ATri-Valley LeagueCherryvale
Kole Franken18M-ITwin Valley LeagueDoniphan West
Riley Schuneman18M-ITwin Valley LeagueDoniphan West
Sean Wunder15AUnited Kansas ConferenceShawnee Heights
Adam Callahan13AFrontier LeagueBaldwin
Charles Snyder15ACentennial LeagueEmporia
C. Zidek11ATwin Valley LeagueValley Heights
Max Columbo18M-IIndependentCair Paravel


Kris Hovestadt28M-ILyon County LeagueBurlingame
Cam Geitz25ACentennial LeagueEmporia
Joel Deters22AFlint Hills LeagueMission Valley
Xavier Cross11AFlint Hills LeagueLyndon
Wyatt Lingenfelter18M-IILyon County LeagueMarais des Cygnes Valley
Santiago McLaughlin15AUnited Kansas ConferenceLeavenworth
Nathan Waugh15AUnited Kansas ConferenceLeavenworth
Mitchell Budke18M-IFlint Hills LeagueChase County
Jesse Blumer18M-IThree Rivers LeagueOswego
Jerome Ferguson18M-IILyon County LeagueLebo
Ian Escoto13ATri-Valley LeagueCherryvale
Gavin Cornelison18M-IITwin Valley LeagueFrankfort
Ethan Hempel-Schierlman13ATri-Valley LeagueCherryvale
Dawson Bristor18M-IISouth Central Border LeagueCaldwell
Caleb Hamilton12ACNC LeagueSt. Mary's Colgan
Bray Davies12ABig 7 ConferenceRiverside
Adam Peterson14AUnited Kansas ConferenceBasehor-Linwood
Gage Burdiek18M-INortheast Kansas LeagueValley Falls
Tyson Hermreck18M-IIThree Rivers LeagueColony-Crest
Jacquez Coleman18M-IIThree Rivers LeagueColony-Crest
Canon Karn13ABig 7 ConferenceHolton
Jake Zeller13ABig 7 ConferenceHolton
Cameron Beardsley11ATwin Valley LeagueValley Heights
Simon Everhart18M-IIndependentCair Paravel
Carter Brian18M-IIndependentCair Paravel
Jachin Bonura18M-IIndependentCair Paravel
Gavin Page12ATri-Valley LeagueHumboldt


Trey Daniel28M-IISouth Central Border LeagueCaldwell
Xander Newberry18M-ISouth Central Border LeagueArgonia-Attica
Kaedin Massey11AFlint Hills LeagueNorthern Heights
Cooper Wolf18M-IISouth Central Border LeagueSouth Haven
Gus Wiens18M-IISouth Central Border LeagueSouth Haven
Trace Taylor14AEastern Kansas LeagueSt. James Academy
Caleb Hamilton12ACNC LeagueSt. Mary's Colgan
Lucas McKain12ACNC LeagueSt. Mary's Colgan
Trent Whiteman18M-ISouth Central Border LeagueUdall
Chisolm Woodson18M-IILyon County LeagueMarais des Cygnes Valley
Sean Wunder15AUnited Kansas ConferenceShawnee Heights
Ziw aun White15AUnited Kansas ConferenceShawnee Heights
Cody Nolan18M-IIThree Rivers LeagueColony-Crest
Karson Worthington11ANortheast Kansas LeagueJefferson County North

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