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“Queens of the Court”: Eastern Kansas Volleyball Volleyball Stat Leaders

“Queens of the Court”: Eastern Kansas Volleyball Volleyball Stat Leaders

Here are the season stat leaders from volleyball for the Eastern Kansas Sports coverage area after week 1. We cover 166 total schools, including 19 leagues.

(Thank you to the following area sponsors for supporting our coverage this season of volleyball)

Stats are sent to us from coaches. We take the leader from each team for the following stats and compare them to others in the coverage area.


COACHES – you can submit your team’s stats to .


Anna Dean164ASEK LeagueLabette County
Emma Toerber142ATwin Valley LeagueValley Heights
Gracie Gilpin135ACentennial LeagueEmporia
Emma Berry133ACNC LeagueRiverton
Lily Boughfman131AWheat State LeagueLittle River
Alexus Swenson111AIndependentElyria Christian School
Kobi Pearson103ATri-Valley LeagueCherryvale
Avery Behrends101ATwin Valley LeagueHanover
Alyssa Kern91ATwin Valley LeagueWashington County
Fisayo Afonja84AFrontier LeagueBaldwin
Alexis Moeschler75AFrontier LeagueBonner Springs
Claire Bradshaw71AThree Rivers LeagueChetopa-St. Paul
Chase Kallevig74AFrontier LeagueLouisburg
Sydney Snowden73ANortheast Kansas LeagueMaur Hill-Mt. Academy
Deja Messalle72ANortheast Kansas LeagueOskaloosa
Lauryn Holloway64APioneer LeagueIola
Felicity Worsham63ANortheast Kansas LeaguePleasant Ridge
Laynee Brown65ACentennial LeagueTopeka Seaman
Paige Mason62AThree Rivers LeagueUniontown
Becca Sprague64APioneer LeagueIola
Bri Stokes63AThree Rivers LeagueUniontown
Nellie LaFountain63AFlint Hills LeagueWest Franklin
Sami Randall63AFlint Hills LeagueWest Franklin
Lydia Woods62ASouth Central Border LeagueWest Elk
Hallee White53ACNC LeagueBaxter Springs
Georgia Kelley51ASouth Central Border LeagueCedar Vale/Dexter
Addy Holthaus53ABig 7 ConferenceNemaha Central
Tess Reed-Cox54AFrontier LeagueOttawa
Allyson Baker53ABig 7 ConferencePerry-Lecompton
laney Overman53APioneer LeagueWellsville
Lilly Weston53ACNC LeagueBaxter Springs
Ava Perrier43ATri-Valley LeagueEureka
Samantha Espinoza41AWheat State LeagueLost Springs-Centre
Avery Pankey45AFrontier LeagueSpring Hill
Cate Milroy45AFrontier LeagueSpring Hill
Daphne Gardner45AFrontier LeagueSpring Hill
Shawnelle Smith42AThree Rivers LeagueSoutheast
Railey Robertson42AThree Rivers LeagueSoutheast
Kaylee Thompson32ANortheast Kansas LeagueJackson Heights
Chancy Johnson31AWheat State LeagueRural Vista


Regan Curry1492ANortheast Kansas LeagueOskaloosa
Daphne Gardner995AFrontier LeagueSpring Hill
Catherine Toerber992ATwin Valley LeagueValley Heights
Kirsten Evans724AFrontier LeagueOttawa
Brooklyn Giesel683ACNC LeagueBaxter Springs
Ella Larkin653ABig 7 ConferenceNemaha Central
Ainsley Corwine653AFlint Hills LeagueWest Franklin
Kobi Pearson633ATri-Valley LeagueCherryvale
Grace Xu625ACentennial LeagueEmporia
Malia Dulac623ANortheast Kansas LeagueMaur Hill-Mt. Academy
Shelby Fox592ANortheast Kansas LeagueJackson Heights
Laney Overman573APioneer LeagueWellsville
Sophie Baker544AFrontier LeagueBaldwin
Shelbi WIlson544ASEK LeagueLabette County
Camryn Turner495ACentennial LeagueTopeka Seaman
Emma Berry483ACNC LeagueRiverton
Mercedes Madlock445AFrontier LeagueBonner Springs
Mia Cardenas431ATwin Valley LeagueWashington County
Jaeden Cook394ASEK LeagueCoffeyville
London Hilton343ATri-Valley LeagueEureka
Katie Carter301AThree Rivers LeagueChetopa-St. Paul
Kortney Potter281AIndependentElyria Christian School
Ashlyn Shields223ATri-Valley LeagueFredonia
Ally Ellis224APioneer LeagueIola
Brooke Metcalfe223ABig 7 ConferencePerry-Lecompton
Tristyn Kremeier211AWheat State LeagueHerington
Chancy Johnston201AWheat State LeagueRural Vista
Avery Behrends191ATwin Valley LeagueHanover
Kate Ellwood171AWheat State LeagueLittle River
Bri Stokes172AThree Rivers LeagueUniontown
Madison Warner162AThree Rivers LeagueSoutheast
Davis Guetterman144AFrontier LeagueLouisburg
Kelsi Ko113ANortheast Kansas LeaguePleasant Ridge
Gabbriella Watkins113ANortheast Kansas LeaguePleasant Ridge
Samantha Espinoza91AWheat State LeagueLost Springs-Centre
Lydia Wood62ASouth Central Border LeagueWest Elk


Addy Holthaus143ABig 7 ConferenceNemaha Central
Madison Bruna131ATwin Valley LeagueHanover
Mariah Monroy123ATri-Valley LeagueCherryvale
Katy Hurd123ABig 7 ConferencePerry-Lecompton
Emma Yungeberg122ATwin Valley LeagueValley Heights
Deja Messalle122ANortheast Kansas LeagueOskaloosa
Brooklyn Ptacek93ATri-Valley LeagueEureka
Jacy Thomasson93ACNC LeagueRiverton
Alli Frank95AFrontier LeagueSpring Hill
Lauryn Holloway84APioneer LeagueIola
Sarah Marshall82ANortheast Kansas LeagueJackson Heights
Kenzie Mcmahon82ANortheast Kansas LeagueJackson Heights
Addie Kipp63ACNC LeagueBaxter Springs
Josie Harris61AThree Rivers LeagueChetopa-St. Paul
Alyssa Espinoza61AWheat State LeagueLost Springs-Centre
Madison Brannin54ASEK LeagueLabette County
Molly Olmsted54AFrontier LeagueOttawa
Haley Holmes53ANortheast Kansas LeaguePleasant Ridge
Jaiden Doles53APioneer LeagueWellsville
Fisayo Afonja44AFrontier LeagueBaldwin
Mariyah Noel45AFrontier LeagueBonner Springs
Abbie Demler45ACentennial LeagueEmporia
Kylie Brooks43ATri-Valley LeagueFredonia
Emma Alt41AWheat State LeagueHerington
Madison Folsom43ANortheast Kansas LeagueMaur Hill-Mt. Academy
Ellee Meier45ACentennial LeagueTopeka Seaman
Katy Beeman42ASouth Central Border LeagueWest Elk
Allison Swank43AFlint Hills LeagueWest Franklin
Sage Hawley43ATri-Valley LeagueFredonia
Lily Boughfman31AWheat State LeagueLittle River
Aubrey Olander31AWheat State LeagueLittle River
Danielle Howard32AThree Rivers LeagueUniontown
Paige Mason32AThree Rivers LeagueUniontown
Railey Robertson32AThree Rivers LeagueSoutheast
Malia Vinson32AThree Rivers LeagueSoutheast
Amyah Moore Kendrex24ASEK LeagueCoffeyville
Ali Boykin21ATwin Valley LeagueWashington County
Ryland Hawkinson21AIndependentElyria Christian School
Kylee Penner21AIndependentElyria Christian School


Reese Curry1042ANortheast Kansas LeagueOskaloosa
Aiden Holt882AThree Rivers LeagueUniontown
Brooklyn Chase674AFrontier LeagueBaldwin
Cassidy Corby613ABig 7 ConferenceNemaha Central
Laynee Brown595ACentennial LeagueTopeka Seaman
Riley Dusin571ATwin Valley LeagueWashington County
Blair Taylor543ANortheast Kansas LeagueMaur Hill-Mt. Academy
Bailey Ko533ANortheast Kansas LeaguePleasant Ridge
Emma Toerber422ATwin Valley LeagueValley Heights
Kaylee Thompson412ANortheast Kansas LeagueJackson Heights
Mariah Hess415AFrontier LeagueSpring Hill
Becca Sprague404APioneer LeagueIola
Darby Weidl384AFrontier LeagueOttawa
Sami Randall293AFlint Hills LeagueWest Franklin
Jadyn Troutman283APioneer LeagueWellsville
Mazzi Przybylo283APioneer LeagueWellsville
Maddyn Stewart265ACentennial LeagueEmporia
Gracie Walden243ATri-Valley LeagueEureka
Ryland Hawkinson241AIndependentElyria Christian School
Halle Rutschman231AWheat State LeagueHerington
Kennedy Krokroskia203ACNC LeagueBaxter Springs
Joy Renfro203ATri-Valley LeagueCherryvale
Alyssa Espinoza201AWheat State LeagueLost Springs-Centre
Kailynn Martin192AThree Rivers LeagueSoutheast
Mea Debaere181AWheat State LeagueLittle River
Emma Berry183ACNC LeagueRiverton
Ceegan Atkins171ATwin Valley LeagueHanover
Meghan Brockmeier151AWheat State LeagueRural Vista
Alexis Moeschler145AFrontier LeagueBonner Springs
Karly Kill142ASouth Central Border LeagueWest Elk
Keyana Cruse145AFrontier LeagueBonner Springs
Anna Dean124ASEK LeagueLabette County
Essie Boatman111ASouth Central Border LeagueCedar Vale/Dexter
Allyson Baker103ABig 7 ConferencePerry-Lecompton
Jordan Wilson94ASEK LeagueCoffeyville
Macy Ivey93ATri-Valley LeagueFredonia
Corinna McMullen74AFrontier LeagueLouisburg


Sophia Rockhold682ANortheast Kansas LeagueOskaloosa
Emma Toerber512ATwin Valley LeagueValley Heights
Addy Holthaus473ABig 7 ConferenceNemaha Central
Jalyn Stevenson435AFrontier LeagueSpring Hill
Camryn Turner415ACentennial LeagueTopeka Seaman
Jadyn Troutman383APioneer LeagueWellsville
Camryn Boykin361ATwin Valley LeagueWashington County
Kennedy Krokroskia333ACNC LeagueBaxter Springs
Jacy Thomasson333ACNC LeagueRiverton
Mariah Monroy333ATri-Valley LeagueCherryvale
Chaney Barth324AFrontier LeagueBaldwin
Madison Folsom303ANortheast Kansas LeagueMaur Hill-Mt. Academy
Emma Schwinn303ANortheast Kansas LeaguePleasant Ridge
Alex Coopman253AFlint Hills LeagueWest Franklin
Darby Weidl254AFrontier LeagueOttawa
Adyson Peck214ASEK LeagueCoffeyville
Sarah Marshall212ANortheast Kansas LeagueJackson Heights
Emily Christensen205ACentennial LeagueEmporia
Lily Boughfman201AWheat State LeagueLittle River
Becca Sprague194APioneer LeagueIola
Keyana Cruse185AFrontier LeagueBonner Springs
Anna Dean184ASEK LeagueLabette County
Carrie Roe171AWheat State LeagueHerington
Megan Brockmeier161AWheat State LeagueRural Vista
Ava Perrier153ATri-Valley LeagueEureka
Allyson Baker153ABig 7 ConferencePerry-Lecompton
Campbell Keller153ABig 7 ConferencePerry-Lecompton
Elise Doherty141AThree Rivers LeagueChetopa-St. Paul
Danielle Howard142AThree Rivers LeagueUniontown
Hayley Helms142ASouth Central Border LeagueWest Elk
Sage Hawley133ATri-Valley LeagueFredonia
Alyssa Espinoza121AWheat State LeagueLost Springs-Centre
Carleigh Pritchard124AFrontier LeagueLouisburg
Railey Robertson112AThree Rivers LeagueSoutheast
Ryland Hawkinson101AIndependentElyria Christian School
Ceegan Atkins91ATwin Valley LeagueHanover
Madison Bruna91ATwin Valley LeagueHanover
Georgia Kelley41ASouth Central Border LeagueCedar Vale/Dexter

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