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Comets Crush Columbus in 9-0 Victory

Comets Crush Columbus in 9-0 Victory

On Tuesday, the Chanute Blue Comets traveled to Columbus for a game against the Titans. Chanute easily won the game 9-0 behind senior Andrea Cuin, junior Kaleb Beccanon, and sophomore Gregory Lopez, who each had two goals.

It took Chanute a little while to get started, with many ill-fated attempts at the goal early. Then, 22 minutes into the game, Lopez scored his first goal. Ten minutes later Becannon tacked on the second, followed quickly by Lopez with the third. The Blue Comets lead 3-0 at halftime.

“First thing we talked about was being unselfish and playing as a team. I mean, we succeed together or we fail together. That’s pretty much the bottom line. We worked on a lot of attacking and movement and communication on the field,” Chanute’s acting head coach Michael Villarreal said, “That way we can create opportunities for just about anybody and not just one person, not depending on anyone, and that’s what we saw today. A lot of unselfish work and a lot of talking. As a coach it’s really nice to see your players employ things that you teach them how to do for sure.”

The second half was a display of utter dominance. Juniors Hayden Newton and Grayson Burchett had each scored by thirteen minutes into the half to put Chanute up 5-0. Columbus held off the assault for a little bit, but in the 68th minute junior Miguel Ayuso scored with Becannon scoring his second less than a minute later. Cuin tacked in her goals in the 72nd and 78th minutes with the latter coming off of a header.

Compared to Chanute’s game in Independence last week, the Comets did an excellent job of working as one cohesive unit. They weren’t trying to feed a few players like teams of the past, they were all getting involved and working together to capture the decisive win.

“Honestly I wish it would have happened a little bit sooner, but the players were a little jittery. Going into a team where, as a squad, you want to be competitive because you want to be competitive, you know they’re going to be competitive on their home field,” Villarreal said, “You never want to be too confident. The kids were trying to find their happy medium of evaluating their opponent, seeing if they’re better or not , and figuring out what they can employ. I just think they’re a little jittery especially after not as good of a performance as we could have seen last game. Once we shook off those jitters and saw that we could be successful, they just took it and ran with it.”

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