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KSHSAA Provides Clarity On Fall 2020 Sports Season

Following Wednesday’s Kansas Department of Education 5-5 vote that ended Kansas Governor Laura Kelly’s Executive Order 20-58, that would have delayed the start of Kansas schools grades K-12 until September 8th, 2020 the Kansas High School Activities Association held an executive board meeting to clarify procedures for the 2020-2021 activities and athletics season.

In it, KSHSAA announces that a decision on the Fall 2020 sports & activities season, scheduled to begin August 17th, 2020, will be held at a later time following today’s Kansas Board of Education 5-5 ruling striking down Governor Kelly’s Executive Order 20-58.

Many Executive Board members cited waiting to see what individual districts decide and needing more time to process today’s KSDE ruling.

KSHSAA will survey district superintendents to get a better understanding of what their individual district plans are and come back with more information.

KSHSAA Executive Director Bill Faflick said in the meeting, “We are 3 and a half weeks until practice starts. We cannot wait until last minute on this.”

KSHSAA also ruled canceling or eliminating jamboree’s for the upcoming year.

They say it is up to member schools to decide whether to host, participate in, or cancel jamborees for this season.

They also announced the following recommendations / guidelines for the upcoming football season:

In the Executive Board meeting, they passed a “Remote Learning & Direct Instruction Policy”.

It states, “Students who are receiving direct instruction via remote learning and are enrolled in at least 5 new subjects of unit weight will be eligible for participation in KSHSAA sponsored activities only at the member school in which they are enrolled and receiving instruction.”

If a student attends a 3rd party virtual school and not maintains a dual enrollment at their physical school, that student will not be eligible for the 2020-2021 school year for varsity athletics, according to Butler County Times-Gazette Sports Editor Chuck Chaney via Twitter.

They also outline the “Universal Guidelines/personal Hygine” that states:

“ANYONE feeling sick should stay home and contact their healthcare provider. Participating while symptomatic could potentially jeopardize the entire activities program in their schoola nd other schools for an extended period of time.”

“Maintain social distancing (6′) when possible.”

“Masks/face covering should be worn at all times by all personnel, including students, except when students are directly participating in the activity. Wearing a mask should never be discouraged unless it poses a safety risk.”

For football activities, they are discouraging jamborees this year. Last year was the first year Kansas high schools participated in jamborees. However, if teams would choose to still host, or participate, in jamborees, they recommend limiting it to 2-3 teams.

They also recommended offensive and defensive huddles in rows and not circles.

Other adjustments to football will be extending the players box from the 25-yard line to the 10-yard line and media who are covering a football contest this season need to be aware of, and observe, the extended box.

These are considerations and thus no votes were needed to pass.

Changes were also discussed for Girl’s Golf, Boys Soccer, and Scholar’s Bowl. KSHSAA will release those changes to member schools shortly.

KSHSAA also recommended patience on changing recommendations, guidance and timelines as these situations are fluid.

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