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Haviland Caps Off High School Career At Shrine Bowl

(Photo courtesy of Angela Slocum)

Haviland Caps Off High School Career At Shrine Bowl

Magician. Human Joystick. Unbelievable.

Those are just some of the words used to describe Humboldt High School’s Conor Haviland from coaches, teammates, and opponents.

This Saturday night at the 47th Annual Kansas Shrine Bowl, Haviland will get the opportunity to dazzle the high school football crowd.

Haviland contributed to a 28-5 record that included a Cubs State East Semi-Finals appearance his junior year and Quarter-Finals loss his senior year to eventual state champion Nemaha Central.

Haviland was a 3 sport athlete in high school whose football career stats include 4,760 yards rushing, averaging 12.7 yards a carry.

(Photo courtesy of Angela Slocum)

We had a chance to catch up with the Humboldt Cub prior to Saturday’s Shrine Bowl, which can be seen via YouTube or heard on WiBW 580AM, game to talk about his experience with the 2020 Shrine Bowl, playing with fellow teammate Joshua Hull and his future plans beyond high school.

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Eastern Kansas Sports: Whom, if any, made the biggest impact on you that allowed for such opportunity?

Conor Haviland: Family, friends and all of my coaches have all played a huge role in all my success through the years. They have always game me a tremendous amount of support.

EKS: How did you prepare to maintain or get back into shape to get ready for the Shrine Bowl?

CH: I have done my best to stay in the weight room and on the field for conditioning during this pandemic and I feel that I have been ready.

EKS: You played against several of your East Squad teammates throughout your career. Has that helped establish a relationship this week?

CH: Yes, it’s amazing how you can only know someone for a few days and find out so much about them. We all have hung out together up here in Topeka and it has been a great time.

EKS: You were a part of one of the best, if not the best, 3 year runs for Humboldt HS football. What does it mean to you to cap it off with fellow teammate Joshua Hull and represent Humboldt?

CH: Josh and I have been playing football since I can remember and to get to play one last game together is an amazing honor. I believe we are both ready to go out and represent Humboldt one last time.

(Photo courtesy of Angela Slocum)

EKS: Describe what your daily schedule has been this week.

CH: This week has been long, we wake up eat breakfast then head to practice, we come back, eat lunch, then head back to practice, then come back for dinner. We’ve had a few extra activities which have been a blast.

EKS: Key takeaways from camp for you?

CH: Just being on the same page with the teammates and coaches.

EKS: There were some doubts that there would even be a game due to Covid. What steps are being taken this week to maintain safety of the participants?

CH: We do temperature checks twice a day, we have to wear our mask everywhere. All of our equipment gets sprayed twice a day. Our managers have done an outstanding job of staying on top of things.

EKS: Was your family able to secure tickets?

CH: Yes, I’m pretty sure they ordered them way back before they announced that it was going to be a limited audience.

EKS: What perspective are you hoping to gain this week?

CH: Learning how other high school coaches, get involved and how they do things.

EKS: Plans for your future?

CH: Attend Pittsburg State University to continue playing football and major in construction management.

(Photo courtesy of Angela Slocum)

EKS: Game prediction?

CH: It’s an All-Star game so everyone out on the field is good. It’s will be a very good and competitive game but you know East is coming out on top.

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